Next step in war on media…trump wants Pravda style propaganda media

The thought would have never occurred to me that Americans might ever have to sneak to hidden media, let’s call it “Radio Free America” (since it would be Americans having to try and find the truth) to find out what is happening in our own country. That type of thing happens only in authoritarian dictatorships, not in the democratic republic known as the United States. After all, we spent a large part of modern history trying to bring honest information to people in such blighted places.

Starting in 2016 however, we realized that the man in the White House hates any news media that contradicts his narrative. His narrative, by the way, changes on almost a daily basis. For example, first it was that the DREAMERs were safe, till suddenly he decided that they weren’t. He was recorded making fun of a handicapped reporter, using his speech manners and body movements made the nastiness clear to anybody who paid attention. But then, trump didn’t like the reaction. So what did he do? He lied and said it never happened. So, like with so many other situations, we are being told to believe his later words and not what our eyes and ears told us originally.

In addition, we know trump hates any non-agreeing story. That ever applies at the news media that tends to fawn on his every word, Fox. Some of the actual reporters insist on telling the truth despite what trump wants them to say. They actually report what the polls say or have democrats on and show the actual reaction to that speaker. That is treason to trump’s mind. Honest report, in other words, is treason if it doesn’t agree with the party line according to trump.

Below are not one, not two, but three links. If you google the statement “trump wants to start own media”, you will likely find more. I know there are at least one more, Deadline. trump has actually proposed, in public, creating “our own media”. Apparently, this media source will be trump-affirming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, it would be nothing but a propaganda tool for trump to put his lies out to the public without any honest reporters involved that might insist on asking any hard questions or telling the public the truth.

That would be his next step in his war on the free and independent media, which is mandated by the Constitution, as you might want to remind yourself. It would exempt from even the relatively minor qualm about lying that Fox and Sinclair Media exhibits.

What would the next step be. Would he try to follow though on his threat to shut down media choices that he has already issued on at least two occasions? Will we end up huddling in our homes trying to find Radio (or TV) Free America like the Europeans had to sneak to hear independent, non-state run, media during World War II?

To those that think I am over-reacting, just remember, Germany didn’t expect to be over-run by the Nazi’s and made into a killing field. They actually thought that Hitler would “make Germany great again” after it was so decimated as a result of the first World War. Their economy was in shambles so it seemed that Hitler might be the answer. Of course, in hind sight we know that his was the wrong answer.

Don’t let the United States become the next Nazi Germany. We have less excuse than they did. We have a much more robust communication system in 2016 and onward than they had in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The truth is available to us in ways it wasn’t to them.

If we allow him and his compadres to take over the media, and remain in power, we will lost it all. Sadly, it would be no more than we deserve because the truth is available. All we have to do is open our eyes and ears and we know that evil is in the White House, and trying to take over the country. I know I would never believe a media source run by trump and his cohorts to tell me the truth about what trump was really doing. Would you?

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.