My long shot hope for 2021 in the White House Pete Buttigieg

Now this guy is awfully young and I know very little about his history. I realize there is only two years before the next election and his name recognition is not currently that great. At least I haven’t heard that much about him other than this one article.

However, Pete Bulligiegs is the mayor of South Bend, Ind. He is also a Harvard graduate, a Rhodes Scholar and the son of two Notre Dame professors. Those are very good credentials if you ask me.

In addition, I will admit it would be personally satisfying to see “someone like me” in the White House. You see, Greg is also the first gay man to get a city position in Indiana, and he is the mayor. Many Blacks justifiably saw the election of Obama as the first Black president as a real turning point for human dignity in this country. I would see the election of a Gay man as a similar achievement of the country in terms of equality and fairness on the national scale, as well.

Now, not knowing all of his platform, I would not totally endorse him at this point. There are a lot of good democratic candidates out there. Kamala Harris is one such person that is likely to get my support as well.

But, one more good sign about Pete is that he and I agree about the current administration. When Jake Tapper asked him in Austin Texas recently if Pence might be a better person for the White House, he tried to be polite. However, he did finally make a concise statement which I TOTALLY agree with.

First of all, he said that he had always thought that Pence was a man of integrity. Now that part I am not sure I agree with but he went on. In addition, he indicated that viewing the rest of Pence’s attitudes, it is hard to reconcile him defending the “porn-star president”. Since Pence’s take on Christian is so based on behaviors and sexual issues, one would expect him to repudiate trumps immorality. My answer to that is simply the hypocrisy of power. Pence is apparently willing to defend the p**y grabber to hold on to power which he hopes to get in his turn.

But Pete also pointed out a religious issue that I share. His church and Bible study tells him that Christianity is about caring for the sick, widowed, orphaned, and even the prisoner. Instead the trump administration is demonizing refugees from violence in South America. In other words, the trump administration is not just grabbing power, and trying to ignore the Constitution regarding the separation of powers, but violating the very basis of civil rights that we are supposed to be founded on.

We are all children of immigrants, unless we are Native Americans. Very few in this country can make that claim. I know I can’t and apparently neither can Pete Buttigieg.

So religiously, the wall and the separation of families at the border is no more defensible than it is politically seeing as how our very country was created. That doesn’t mean we need to let everybody in, but a clear distinction needs to be made between refugees and drug mules. The trump administration is trying to lump them all today, and that can NOT be allowed to stand. Not and the United States able to continue to hold the moral high ground.

And people that want to say “we ain’t killin’ anybody” need to remember, killing the spirit and hope is just about the same as killing the body and is just as repudiated by true Christian doctrine.

But then the trump fans don’t care about Christianity as much as they care about power and “appearing to be right”. If the trump election taught anything at all, it was that. Otherwise christians who claim to be moral wouldn’t support the p***y grabber without any qualms.

It sure would be nice to return to some approximation of “hope” and “change” in this country rather than dread and fear of what the trump will do to us average citizens next. He has already caused the middle class to pay more taxes while claiming to lower them. What is he going to try to take next…our Social Security and Medicare???

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