more dysfunction suggested within the family in the White House

It would appear from Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s book that the jacket expresses the attitude that Melania has about a lot of things. Normally, the wives and children of people elected into the White House should be left out of the political discussion, however, when the person is a crook like trump, his family’s behavior and attitude is a reflection on exactly what has happened in the political atmosphere of this country and SHOULD be talked about.

I, personally, have this book on order and should be receiving it sometime fairly early this week. At that point, I will read and likely write another blog about what is actually said in the book, giving more detail. However, just the article I have linked to below tells us something about the character of not just Melanie but the rest of the family surrounding the madman in the oval office.

The picture painted, in just this snippet, is of a family at war with themselves. That it is a hidden, secret war doesn’t change the toxic factor one bit. Apparently, you have two factions in the immediate family. You have Ivanka, who as the spoiled little rich daughter, thinks that she really qualifies in any way for being President of the United States, and Don Jr just being the junior jerk that you would expect from the son of the man sitting in the oval office. On the other hand, you have a wife who dislikes both of the two offspring and considers herself to be the new Jackie Kennedy.

The claim by Melania is so ridiculous as to be laughed at whenever suggested. Jackie was a lady of dignity, who married into one of the most well known and loved families of its time — a family that still has active members working for the good of the nation. Melania married a crooked businessman from New York who cheated everybody he could and managed to get into the White House by appealing to the worst instincts of the American people while at the same time getting assistance from our principal adversary, Russia.

What makes Melania’s self-promoting attitude and the fact that some even support her in it more absurd are her background. I don’t usually hold a person’s upbringing or background against them. However, let's face it, she got where she is by being a nude model and if rumors are true, which this one may not be, even a prostitute. I would instead say that she was a golddigger because look who she married…I know for me to have any association at all with such a repugnant personally, I would have to be awarded millions and millions of dollars. But then, I am not that good an actor and my disdain for the man would still breed though.

But then, that might explain her “I don’t care” jacket. It is either that or she doesn’t care one iota about the suffering of the American people. Wonder which it really is.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.