Marthas Vineyard and Massachusetts turn DeSantis's insult into a blessing for immigrants

Once more that member of the “two worst governors in the nation” that is currently in charge of the governor's position in Florida (hopefully Crist will win in November and win Florida back to the decent column) had to prove that his claimed concern for people only extends to those who are like himself…locked into the evil MAGA-fascist cult of personality by sending two planes full of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. They were under the impression that they were headed to Boston, but instead, to show his nastiness he redirected them to Martha’s Vineyard as an attack on liberals.

Or so he thought. However, once again, the fine people of Massachusetts showed WHY they are generally liberal/Democratic. They, as quickly as possible, engaged the emergency relief efforts in their state to rally to find a way to HUMANELY welcome and help the refugees to be treated with dignity and respect. Imagine, actually being humane to people fleeing from mistreatment.

There is a good reason why I am not on the bandwagon with the horrible “America first” brigade. I am on the “humanity and humaneness” first brigade regardless of national or ethnic origin. I will side, every time, with the underdog, which is why I would support, spiritually, but even perhaps financially, a refugee coming here from a third world nation, before I would lend any credence, respect, or support to a neo-fascist like Abbot, DiSantis and certainly that putrid center of the evil we are now fighting in this country…trump.

If any conservatives, even those from this general site, read this, especially if you have defended trump, abbot, or Disantes, this is why I have no respect for your position. I pray you will come to your senses before you destroy our nation with your worship of the golden calf of right-wing semi-nazism (I only call them semi because that is what Biden called them, otherwise I would leave the semi off) hate of the “other”, but whether you do or not, I will fight your attempt to take over our once great country as long as I draw breath.

Hopefully, you will find that many millions feel the same way I do, and we will defeat that diseased evil doctrine of bigotry in November, both 2022 and 2024. Inhospality and inhumanity are not a “family value” for sure.

By the way, to DiSantis personally. You are actually doing those immigrants a favor by sending them away from your bright red state. Red states are already over and above the blue states in terms of poverty because of your philosophy of giving money to the rich and shafting the working class and using trickle-down economics as your excuse. If I were young, I would head for a bright blue state to get my first job so that I might have a chance of becoming middle class, by being paid a decent wage. I only did it in red Tennessee because I worked for a regional company that had a strong union that fought for the workers.

I was lucky…not everybody has that opportunity especially now that the Republicans have tried and succeeded in some cases to destroy the unions.



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Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.