letters from alec in 2025 and the UAC: Alec extorts Nathan to more acceptance

(disclaimer; this is a work of fiction, however should anything you read here caught bells to ring in alarm in your head, it is always wise to not ignore these things and be on the safe side)

I think it is important to set up a bit of history surrending the situaton dealt with by our hero, Alec. He is living in the year 2025 aften the great vicious takeover of the former United States of American by the facist forces that call themselves “patriots” but who are known to the rest of the world a trumpnationists.

As we know, in the year 2020, dray and his supporters, refusing to accept the fact that a good 60 percent of the voters did not accept the level of hatred of minoriites and the mistreatment and abuse that dray had made clearer and clearer was coming, revolted and took over the halls of governemnt. They won, despite massive resistance, only because dray has very cleverly eliminated anybody not willing to go along with the “send them back” edicts that he had been suggesing and in some case imposing starting in 2017.

So, the UAC was formed. Officially called the Univeral American Country (not very original perhaps, but a great discribtive name. It consisted at the beginning of California with strong alliances in Mexico. In addition, New York went UAC, ironic that that the state where dray originated, now became “enemy territory’ but possibly not the most shocking outcome of this very active time in our history.

So Alec lives in the fairly small state of the UAC known as Orleania. His friend Nathan lives in California, having decided that living on the West coast was likely to be safer than continuing to live in Orleania, so close to the enemy with a huge pressence in Mississippi and even sections of Louisana, the former state in which Orleania was a city.

Alec and Nathan miss each other but thanks to the huge strikes made in Silicon Valley, strikes make as a result of Prisident Brown’s encouragement of their research in order to allow better communication and interaction within the relatively wide spread and physically devided UAC, as is our motto “Physically Devided, Spiritually and Mentally Together.”

So, we turn our attention to the correspondence of our hero Alec with his friend Nathan.

Dear Nathan,

I am delighted to learn from the news that things are moving along so well in California. The high speed rail is a wonderful advancement, and I dream of the day that we will find ourselves here in Orleania able to connect to it.

To allay your friends, our food supply here in Orleania is holding up well. Shipments come in daily from California, and Mexico. I read an article in the Advocate last week that said that the supplies of fruit coming in though the gulf was actually surpassing even those coming in from California, who has been very good to us.

Of course, it is the least kept secret that many of the farmers and fishermen in Placquemine Parish value the market and being able to sell their products over compliance with trumpnation orders. Tthat, we often feel compelled to say with all the appropriate “wink wink nudge nudge” to be able to deny it if our sources are compromisd by draynation operatives.

Air travel is improving daily in and out of Orlendia. While the former interanational airport that served the city is way up in Kenner, at least nominally in trumpnation hands, we still have Lakeview Airport, which has been massively expanded to the point where, whereas in 2020 it was just a small craft landing field, it is now capable of what I still confess to forget to call International flights since most of them are to Californa and New York and the 6 other states that are UAC in the northeast.

Nathan, I admit to being somewhat surprised that the vote was so close on the issue of admitting Nebraaka into the UAC. I understand the argurment that many of them sided with the draynation troops,and rebelled against the principals of acceptance and inclusion we hold dear, but it has always been the spirit of the foundaton of the UAC to welcome the reunion of ALL of the former United States and the strong belief in that outcome. Nebaska’s petitition was a big sign that our nation is ultimately on the winning side of history.

Personally, I have to chuckle when I hear the reports that the reason so many in Nebraka had such a quick change of heart is that they were a bit late to realize that “send that forreign trash back where it belongs” actually including some of the foods they had grown used to.

Who could have predicted the very real truth that often political decisions, decisions about what country one wants to be a citizen of can come down to our stomachs and taste buds. As funny as it is seems, apparently some of the farmers in Nebraska enjoy a weekly serving of Sweet and Sour Chicken enough to switch natonalities. So well, silly it may be, but nonetheless human nation.

Before closing, I have to tell you a funny event that happened on Madri Gras. Apparently a platoon of draynational militra decided to cover over and “take over” Orleania, or at least disrupt our lives.

The first reports that we got were that our homeless was shorting gibberiou at these invaders and they were confused. And you and I both know there is nothing as confusing as gibberous uttered by our bizzare but resilent homeless population. In some areas along Claiborne, draynation troops were heard screaming for mercy, I think some of the more addled and french amongst the homeless thought they were saying Merci and redoubted their efforts to subdue them and welcome them to the ranks of the homeless.

In additition to those routed by our gutzy homeless, several soldiers got lost in the streets. It seems that nobody knew how to direct them to I-10 and they kept going in circles, one can only imagine missing several onramps, and turns along the way, getting further entangled in the streets. Apparently not being from here they failed to understand simple things like “if you want to stay n N Rampart, you have to make a right turn at that garish seafood shop, otherwise you are going to be on a tottaly different street.

I confess to ALMOST feeling sorry for them.

But the group that I laughed hardest about was the group of good old trumpnation cadets who stumbled into our delightfully sleazy dive bar right off Bourbon. It seems that before they knew it, they were surrounded by a array of beautiful ebony complexioned transgendered prostitues who generously shared their bourbon and cokes with the confused young men. i will leave to your imagination what else the gurls shared with them, but lets say they one and all decided that Orleania wasn’t so bad after all and maybe going back home and continuing the fight for draynation wasn’t in their futures. It would seem that the stomach isn’t the only way to a young man’s heart.

Such is the life and times in the STILL outragous and colorful city/state of Orleania formerly known as the city of New Orleans. This delightfully decadent city will never change and we continue to weather the potholes as we always have.

Till next time….

All my love in Regards


PS please do continue to share with all who want to hear about the REAL story of what is happening in Orleania, just as I share your news with those who haven’t heard it here.

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