Let’s just be blunt, the man in the white house is corrupt and more and more people are being found out to be with him every day

Let’s just be blunt here. We all know that trump was, is and likely always will be a con-man and a crook. Why do you think he recently lamented that “New York has not been good to me” and indicated he was moving his main address to Florida? He did that because the State of New York, especially New York City, has known about his corruption and has tried to bring him to justice for years now. He has a long history of questionable, if not downright illegal business practices and has been known to defraud on bills owed.

New York is where he had his headquarters. They KNOW him better than anybody else in the country and do NOT like him. He didn’t win the election in New York, please note. I always find it ironic when the native child gets defeated in their own state. In some cases it might be that the person is too liberal or too conservative for the populace. In trumps case, however, it is because they knew who and what he was, and wanted nothing to do with. I consider New York a very wise state.

First it was the Mueller Report which definitely didn’t exonerate trump. What it actually said was that trump was guilty of many things. However, the one thing he was too dumb or simply not organized enough to do was to effectively conspire to collude with Russia. He was organized enough to try to obstruct the investigation because he could do that by himself…and did. That did NOT mean that he didn’t get help from Russia. It did NOT mean he didn’t ask Russia to find stuff. What was meant was that his organization was simply too fractured to sit down sat the same table and take really full advantage of the interference the Russians were doing in his behalf.

Then, it comes out that he asked the Ukraine to do an investigation on his political rival. That time, the Democrats had enough to impeach in the House. Once again, the Republicans decided to be complicit with trump’s corruption. Why? I am not sure, but I do know from everything they have done that they decided to join in helping to cover it up.

Of course they are lying and saying once again, that the trial will exonerate him. No, it does not. What it does is decide not to find the crook to be what he is, ie a crook. Which tells me that it is just possible that THEY are also benefitting from his illegal actions vis-a-vis Russia and the Ukraine. That makes them complicit, pure and simple.

However, the Democrats now have a gift that just keeps on giving. Here we are in an election, and the scandals just keep coming. Now, the Bolton book says the Cipollone, the White House attorney was in on the meeting with Bolton and trump when trump spelled out his illegal condition of the “Biden investigation” in order for the Ukraine to get the congressionally approved aid already promised.

Take that in for a minute. The attorney arguing before the Senate that trump did nothing illegal KNEW at the beginning that he was, in fact, doing something illegal. So what do we have here? Crooks as lawyers defending the crook that sits in the oval office, on those rare occasions when he is not golfing at Mar-a-Lago.

The people of the United States need to remember all this, and any subsequent little pieces of information that come out. Somehow, I suspect there will be a lot more scandals coming to light over the next few months. The House needs to move to force Bolton and maybe even Cipollone testify as to what they knew and when they knew it, under oath. The same might be said for trump.

I thought we had learned our lesson when Nixon was found to be the second biggest crook ever to get into the White House. I say second, because trump makes him actually look good. And apparently, we the people didn’t learn our lesson well enough because even after dealing with Nixon, we had already forgotten to the extent that we let the WORST crook ever to get into office get elected by the electoral college in 2016.

Please, people, let’s learn our lesson this time. The crooks are getting worst, it seems. And one party has totally lost any moral compass or backbone.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.