Let’s hope that the intelligence community watches this coming election and doesn’t let trump steal this one

I finished reading Disloyal last night, just in time to have the new Bob Woodward expose arrive. I have a couple of other books to read but I am sure that the man who blew a lead on the second most corrupt person, Nixon, to ever be in the White House, at least in modern times, will have some very interesting things to add to the current burst of information about how the United States slide into the abyss in 2016, and shows the threat of staying in that same wannabe authoritarian abyss in 2020.

You see, the word, Disloyal, in the title is not about Michael Cohen’s behavior, but trumps. So what else does Michael have to say? Actually, when I got this book, I didn’t expect any really new information but got some anyway.

In 2014, trump was considering running for the office but put aside briefly because CNBC was doing a poll to determine the biggest financial wizards in the nation and trump decided he wanted that title, or at least to be in the top 10. However, he wasn’t doing too well in the poll, at about 187 out of the 200, so Michael and he concocted a way to actually try and improve that score. In order to fulfill this demand, Michael called on a computer guru that worked for the infamous religious charlatan, Falwell, to actually buy artificial IP addresses to rig the votes. These votes wouldn’t show up as individual stats but would affect the overall numbers.

Guess what, the sham worked, and trump ended up in 9th place which was what they decided would be a “safe” win that would get him the attention that he wanted, but not so much that it would look fake. They had to spend money to get those ip addresses, and trump did two things when CNBC deleted him and another person from the poll, which was part of the original announcement, by the way. First, he makes noises about suing even though he didn’t legitimately win because of the cheating he was party too, and second, he refused to pay the bill for the ip addresses. He didn’t get the benefit, so, therefore, why should he pay the fees even though he approved them beforehand?

This tells us two things. One is that trump is far from honest, even on little things much less big things like a government office, and two, he is a cheat and refuses to pay his bills. But then we already know THAT from his business dealings.

Then during the 2016 campaign, he was behind the rumor that Cruz’s father was part of the plot to kill Kennedy. This was based on a picture that came from National Enquirers' head honcho showing Oswald with some other person. The other person was very fuzzy but they decided the narrative would be an advantage if it were said to be the older Cruz.

From that, we see that trump has no problem with lying about other people’s character or simply making up stories with no real evidence to win in any kind of competition. Just like he does when he cheats by moving the ball-playing golf. That last was also in the book.

So, the warning that Michael leaves us with is that regardless of how the election turns out, trump will try to grab power again anyway. Of course, I believe he stole the election in 2016 with help from Putin’s fellow mobsters, and there is evidence to support that as well. But we need to wake up and not let him do it again!!!!

Otherwise, our democratic republic is likely gone for good. And typically trump is trying to say it is the Democrats who are trying to cheat. Deflection, Deflection, Deflection.