let’s face it, what we are dealing with is another MAGA/QANON believer inspired by trump’s big lie to attack Pelosi

Every day since Paul Pelosi's was home invaded and attacked with a hammer by a man yelling “where is Nancy?”, reading on the internet, I have seen comments implying all sorts of things from that they were having a homosexual affair (not that if that were in fact true, it would justifying a brutal attack) to the general suggestion that “there is more to the story.” Some of these people have even shared websites where they think such is proven. For example, one person over on Facebook suggested, based on some article on a site called “Conservative Resistance” that they KNEW that there was more to it.

Whenever something happens, it seems that a lot of people want to believe in a tangled mess of a conspiracy, which explains why QANON is now such a favorite amongst those wanting to believe that millions of people are hiding something. And there are plenty of sites, Gateway Pundit, American Thinker, Natural Health (and yea, let's add Conservative Resistance to that list since this is obviously a new formerly unknown news site) and others are ready to spread these far flung theories as though they are the truth. Well, 99.9 percent of the time, if you think you see a bird, it is most likely simply a bird. It is not a wolf or snake disguised, it is simply a bird. I am tempted to use the old KISS moto, which stands for Keep it simple, Stupid”.

So, what is true in this case? After reading several articles over the course of the last 4 days since this brutal assault following a home invasion, what are we to think happened? Notice, my references, as usual, are from legitimate, respected, long-known media. So what does my mainstream (read that as being as trustworthy as we are likely to find) media say?

First of all, Mr. DePape broke into the Pelosi home through a back door early Friday morning. He came in and entered Mr. Pelosi’s bedroom and demanded to talk to Nancy, who wasn’t there. After he was arrested, he told the police that “Nancy is the head of the liars in the Democratic party” He went on to say that he was on a suicide mission and intended to go after other local and federal officials as well, including their families. At some point, he attacked Mr. Pelosi with a hammer.

Mr. Pelosi managed at some point, possibly when he went to the bathroom, to call the police and let them know that he was in trouble. Now, some have said that at some point, he described DePape as “a friend” but neither of these two articles mentioned that, but I suspect he may have said that as a way to calm DePape down long enough to allow the police to get there and rescue him. I probably would have said anything to try and keep him from killing.

Despite that, however, DePape still hit Mr. Pelosi in the head and fractured some portion of his skull and he was in a pool of blood. The result of this brutal attack on an 82-year-old man resulted in him having to have surgery.

Now, some people want to say that “Depape is just mentally ill”. Well, I don’t doubt that the man is mentally ill. He is obviously susceptible to rumors and conspiracy theories. This is precisely the proof that the QANON/MAGA cult is dangerous. It appeals to people that have little in life except the desire to be a contributor of some sort to society. They listen to the conspiracy theories and then decide that they can “help the cause” even though the cause is based on a lie, and lives can easily be lost.

That is what happened in DC on Jan 6, 2021, when hundreds of people tried to overturn the legal election by force. That is also what happened in San Francisco last Friday night when an unstable man broke into the home of the Pelosis’ and ended up hitting Mr. Pelosi in the head with a hammer.

Now, he is pleading innocent which is everybody’s right in this country, but interestingly enough, his defense is hinting at what is more or less an insanity plea…or at least a “reduced capacity” because he is susceptible to conspiracy theories. He needs help, or at least kept off the street, either in a hospital or somewhere. He is facing at least two federal charges and several local ones including attacking a senior.

Thanks again, trump, your big lie continues to cause violence across the nation. You should be ashamed of yourself, but then you will never take responsibility for your corrupting influence on people, especially the weak-minded. Even if you THINK you are being cute, others take you literally. But, then, I suspect you are all too aware of that fact, already, and just don’t care.




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