Let’s celebrate the nations return to something like sanity after 4 long years

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4 min readNov 7, 2020


Yes, imagine my glee when I checked on the internet on all of my sources and found that several of the news sources have announced Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the new President and Vice President. It actually feels good to be able to refer the elected person in the slot of the head of the free world with not only a capital letter at the front of his name but shamelessly and without embarrassment referring to him with the title President.

Of course, trump is still going to say he won for a while. He will sue and show us many many angry tweets about how corrupt everybody that didn’t support him is, but ultimately, I believe this will end with Biden and Harris still slated to go into the office and make our country a kinder, gentler nation once more. Claims have been made and found not to have merit even trump’s hand-picked AG William Barr in office.

This should tell you how I feel about this wonderful breaking news. Of course, trump will continue to lie and get his minions to back him up, but there is no longer any question in most of our minds that those of us who knew the horrors that were in store for many of us, including all minorities and Senior Citizens with trump’s threat to even gut things like Social Security and Medicare, or if not out and out gut them, at least try to water them down.

In addition, now we have a chance to get a government that listens to science both with dealing with Covid-19, where trump continued refusal to do so have continued to now with increased cases once more ransacking our medical facilities and threatening lives, even though it is not quite “flu season” even yet although it is getting there.

There is a simple fact that trump refuses to accept. Most of those that voted by mail and early voted were likely to be democrats. Why? Because they are the ones that take the pandemic seriously and knew that it was not safe to risk huge crowds. Those votes obviously take longer to count.

But enough hurrahs for right now. Let me share some fun videos…well two anyway.

The first tells you what I felt in 2016. It also gives some hope that America can and will be saved at the very end.

And this is how I feel now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and to show that I moved to the right place when I left Tennessee, Orleans Parish, New Orleans. We in this city voted 83 percent for Biden/Harris. But then we have a large percentage of our population being of a minority, in particular African-Americans. We also have a fairly large and active LGBTQ and allied communities as well. HURRRAAAAH!!!!


The Young Turks do a takedown of the last 4 years.



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