just hilarious, keep trying to hide your dirty secrets, pardoning Stone won’t save you nor will trying to silence Mary

The picture was used in the Vanity Fair article linked below.

The trump family really thinks they can put an end to the publicity generated by Mary, Fred’s granddaughter’s inside information? Good luck to them on that. Meanwhile, starting within a week, I should be leaning back in my chair and enjoying reading all about the inside dirt on one of the worst families to ever gain power in this country. I say that advisedly because admittedly some awful families have been granted power, either legally or illegally.

But then there is no question in my mind that the mob “families” of the 1920s and 1930s have nothing on the duplicity and basic inhumanity of the trump cabal. Anybody paying attention knows that not only is the trump family “mob-like” in their own right, but they also have a close association with Russian Mobsters, presently Bayview, one of the companies that have financed some of the “trump towers”.

The Supreme Court has rejected a major claim of trump’s, that somehow he is exempt from the rule of law and can just ignore it and “do what he wants”. Yes, they ruled that he can be held accountable for illegal actions. And yet, today he is announcing that he might just pardon Stone, and has called Stone and told him he was commuting the sentence. At least that doesn’t remove the guilty conviction…at least not yet. Personally, I would rather trump end up in jail, than Stone. trump is, after all, the head of this horrible snake that has infected our democratic republic.

But meanwhile, they are still trying to gag Mary Trump in her effort to get her book published. The irony is that the courts have decided that 1. Simon & Schuster is free to publish the book and 2. Mary herself has to be silent. Well, that is fine. Silencing Mary doesn’t keep the information that has already been released to be known by all of us. Nor does it keep the book from coming out on the publication date of July 14.

The fact of the matter is that at least 600,000 copies of that book have been put in shipment already. That information is coming out, and nothing the man in the White House or his brother or sister can do anything about it. The gist of it is already out already. And the sad thing is that nothing released so far is in any way a surprise. We who have paid attention to what has been going on, know that trump is a diseased personality who is selfish and ego-driven and only interested in his own personal interest rather than the country.

So, whatever happens to Mary, she will be responsible for some details set in place to explain exactly how badly we were conned in 2016 and some continue to be conned by the egomaniac sitting in the Oval Office.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.