Is trump about to finally get Justice served on him? He won’t like it, trust me

Just in, it is not just lawsuits where trump is trying to overturn the will of the people and stay in the White House for another four years, where he is failing. By now, we know that even the three Justices that he, himself, appointed didn’t agree to be complicit in the power grab based on no genuine evidence. In addition, the Electoral College, this time, chose to validate the vote by the majority of Americans for Biden. So, we know that in that arena, he is being held to the rule of law, something that he seems to consider himself exempt from.

Yes, there are still some media sources feeding the looney tunes like Sidney Powell and other right-wing conspiracy theories with their insane claims. Sadly, we have always and will always continue to have fly-by-law yellow journalism, and today that is exemplified by “sources” like Epoch Times and AmericanThinker, both of which specialize in crazy right wing yellow journalism par excellence. Fortunately, for American safety and the rule of law, having, or making up a crazy theory does not make that theory true and they will have to prove it in court. Unfortunately for them, so far their claims have been too crazy for any competent Judge to rule that they have any reasonable evidence.

So, the bottom line on the Presidential race is that Biden has won, by all measures. That means that the crazy madcap days of the king of insults and belittlement’s time in the White House is coming to an end. Biden may not be the most exciting man in the western world, but he is a lot calmer and more kindly on his worst day than trump is on his best. So we, the American people can now expect sanity in the White House. Those who have become addicted to chaos may just be bored.

But it goes beyond just the election, into his regular “business” career. It seems that the state of New York is not buying his claim that somehow Trump Organization is exempt from the laws of discovery and general business practice either. Not sure where he gets the nerve to claim that a subpoena doesn’t mean “deliver the information” because he is trump?!! But hopefully, even at his age, 74, he will learn that nobody, including himself, is above the law.

Now, we already know that his slam of a charity was closed down by the state, and his so-called University had to quit operating because of all the lawsuits. In addition, he has had numerous bankruptcies. But he is being investigated for yet another attempt at defrauding the government in New York State.

The newest issue is concerning a request that trump organization made for tax relief for a development called Seven Springs. The focus is that claims of the properties' worth that was supposedly agreed upon by the engineer in charge of surveying and working on that development, Ralph Mastromonaco. The organization has tried to say that the information about that evaluation is confidential because it is like a lawyer-client privilege. The attorney-general of New York has ruled that is NOT the case and he must produce the information by Dec 18, 2020.

Michael Cohen will likely be part of what they use to prove their case. After trump threw him under the bus over the prostitution bribing scandal, Michael went ‘States-evidence” and has testified about trump’s cavalier way of evaluating the value of his property in order to not pay taxes, but still the “credit” for being “a real rich person”. It seems likely that his house of cards just might come crashing down around his dishonest head. And that, dear readers, would be Justice with a capital J.

This is why the state of New York didn’t vote for trump in 2016 and why he has seen the writing on the wall and has announced his move to Florida. Florida doesn’t have the experience to not buy his crap, New York does and is not going to continue to tolerate it, apparently. Personally, I think he deserves some jail time, and hope he will get it.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.