If you don’t want to admit that trump; is threatening to turn our country into a dictatorship, you are not watching or are complicit

I have to find humor where I can, and in order to find it in this post, I have to remember when my mother and i were visiting my father’s side of the family about 30 years ago. The elder members of the family that were still living liked to go to hear a hellfire and damnation preacher. I wanted to see what it was like, although my mother didn’t and only went because I wanted to. She warned me I would like it.

Well, I actually kind of enjoyed listening to the hypocrisy and wild hatred. He started attacking women that cut their hair and men that didn’t. Next in line was anybody that worn jewelry, especially ear rings. But he ended up spending most of his time condemning television. In particular he went ofter Jimmy Swaggart in such a way that I knew he must have watched a television himself to know that much about Swaggart. His regular listeners were all amen ing and “praise God” ing but I was trying not to laugh out loud at the utter stupidity and the fact that he was revealing who he was as much as who Swaggart was.

In the same, we now have a man in the White House thst has been known to insist that he nver watches this or that show because it is not funny or th people it hav no talent or aren’t funny. Yet, he has an amazing amount of information on what they said did because he reacts to it by becoming angry in an unhinged way.

Those unhinged rants are what cause me to say that he is wanting to make this country a dictatorship. He doesn’t like anybody to stand against him. He STILL hasn’t stopped screaming about John McCain because McCain didn’t vote for a bill trump wanted passed. He has also ranted and raved about the media. But now it is even worse.

The latest is a statement where he wants to start an investigation of the late night talk shows including SNL. It seems that he thinks they should not be allowed to make fun of him. I have news for the man, SNL has made fun of every administration and the foibles that inevitably exist. Threatening them with legal charges is only going to make them mock him more. In addition, it is going to make him look even guiltier than he already does.

I would posit, actually, that trump leaves himself open to the ridicule by being so thin skinned and such cry baby. Besides, let’s be honest, the man has said enough things that for many of us, he is just not that likable. If he would stop saying so many outrageous and nasty things, he might be better liked, and not as much made fun of. But that is a lesson that he refuses to learn.

In any case, he can not be allowed to shut down any portion of the media without push back, otherwise, we will live in a dictatorship. Since he loves Putin and Kim-Jong-un so much, or claims so, then apparently that would be to his liking.

Oh, and in case, you think the late night talk shows are expendable and can be sacrificed, he has also threatened another group. That group being the entire democratic party. I refer you to first article linked below where he said, in an interview with Breitbart, that the soldiers, police and the Bikes for trump were on his side, and might get violent or at least “rough” and that it would be really bad.

So now you know why some of us think that the racists and bigots are a primary part of his support. The White Nationalist and the KKK in particular have tended to endorse him, because he gives them reason to consider him a friend.

Yes, I think he came into office acting like other “populists” have in the past. People like Hitler, Jackson and George Wallace are three examples of the type of race and ethnicity based ‘popularism” that trump represents. And somebody always ends up suffering when that that that gets power. With Jackson, it was the Native Americans. With George Wallace, it was Blacks in Alabama. With Hitler, it was Jews, Poles and a range of other groups.

Now we have trump in power already “going after” hispanics, Islamists and Transgendered. Who will it be next. Don’t it let it be said, as in Nazi Germany, that when they came for YOU, there was nobody to stand up for you.

No, trump hasn’t actually ordered anybody killed YET, but he has give aid and comfort to the anti-Jewish bigots in Charlottesville with those 2 stupid “bad on both sides” tweet sandwiching one comment where he gave a “violence is bad” comment. But DREAMERS are being held for random, he has separate children from their parents resulting in who knows how many scars in young lives that they may never recover from. And finally to the Transgender, he has wreaked havor on people who had been doing their duty as they say it for their country.

My questions are, are we sure that the next step is not ordering soldiers to kill civilians because they protest? (a Constitutional right by the way) And with his comments about “my friends may get rough” and “SNL should be investigated”, how much more will it take for somebody else to decide to make him happy by going on another killing spree. Even the guy in NZ seemed to say that trump was his inspiration.

So reputations and peace are in danger, and it would not take much for actual lives to be also. Don’t let him get away with it. We don’t want to be ruled by a dictatorship, especially not an unhinged one.

Originally published at www.blogster.com.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.