If Ms Sanders is right…why would God want us afflicted with trump

First of all, let me say that I don’t for one minute think that God decided to “bless us” with trump in the White House. I believe that for that same reason that I don’t believe God sends Hurricanes because people are LGBTQ or have affairs. I don’t believe a loving God, which is what the New Testament, at least, talks about would be handing out natural disasters to punish a few people.

So what sense is this comment made before the ultra wing (politically) Christian Broadcasters assocation, or whatever their name really is. Well, as usually with trump and his mouthpieces, it is an attempt to gin up his base. This group is one that seems to believe in an angry vengeful God who is determined, as they are, that none of those horrible brown skinned people get into the country, much less have equal rights.

But for a moment, lets us pretend why God MIGHT want to punish the United States by afflicting us with with a wannabe dictator like trump. Remember, this is my pretending to agree…I don’t actually agree.

First of all, how about the sin of pride. How long have we as a nation screamed, in the ears of foreign persons very often, about our “specialness”. We are the BEST country. Implied very often in that, is that somehow God has blessed us, and loves us a bit more than people from other countries. After all, we have often felt free to attack other countries simply because they chose a form of government that we didn’t like.

Or maybe, it is for what the right wing want to do more of. We as a nation are top in prison population, fueled at least in part by a “justice system” that over welmingly jails poor or minority youth and adults for the same things that we slap the rich and white on the hand for. Doesn’t the Bible say that countries that mistreat the poor are worthy of downfall?

Then there is our treatment of people seeking asylum. Instead of living into our hype of “welcoming the hurdled masses”, we greet them with what amounts to concentration camps for the children and total rejection for the adults. If we just refused to let any of them come into the country that would actually be a betrayal of our national historic stance…remember the Statue of Liberty that we are so proud of. Separating children out for concentration camps is taking that sin and compounding it.

So perhaps, Sarah, you should tell us exactly why God wanted trump in the White House? Why would God want our federal revenue gutted in order to give huge tax breaks to those who profit the most and leave the poor in worse shape. (against the teachings in the Bible in and of itself by the way). Then on top of that, encourage pollution, and lack of regulations on not just pollution but quality of food etc.

Well, since I don’t suspect you will answer this, I will hazard some guesses at why God might not be too happy with the United States.

1. pride….we have the audacity to think that just because we lucked out and were born in a country that happens to say (not such how valid the claim actually is at this point) that all people are created equally and are worthy to such under the law, we are somehow “better than” those born under a different system.

2 capitalism gone wild — -The very essence of abandonment of the poor..the rich get tax breaks, (permanently by the recent so called tax reform) while the poor get little or nothing. The middle class get peanuts temporarily. Myself, I got an increase and I am FAR from rich..

3. rampant racism — it is 2019 and still we have a system that rewards Whites far more than minorities. while jobs are supposed to be awarded on the basis of talent, somehow minorities have a tendency to get the poorer paying jobs.

4. unjust justice — -when Black youth are gunned down more often by police, are stopped while driving down the street more often etc…That is systemic racism. When fairly large numbers of people say that obviously they were guilty in an automatic way (like with Treyvon Masrtin, Michael Brown and others before any real details even came out) that is social racism. Then, the system seems too often to weep the whole thing under the rug.

5. Our defense without question of our history — -we have, of course, done some things right. However, we have also committed huge injustices to Blacks, whom we kept enslaved long after most other Western countries admitted the error of their ways. We killed the Native Americans…accidently with diseases, but deliberately by declaring them “savages” and destroying the often beautiful and vibrant societies.

5a. The fact that we continue into today — our abuse of the Native Americans. We still don’t give them an equal voice. We still feel free to steal their land. Most recently it was for the pipeline from Canada, that is a source of more pollution and no real advantage for anybody in the United states…a real crime against justice.

So, Sarah, while you open your lips and make absurd speeches justify trumps actions, with lies and propaganda to rile up the people who are fueled by their own self-righteousness and hatred of ‘the other”, I will answer as to WHY God might indeed want to punish the United States by inflicting us with the madman in the White House. And indeed, it is a punishment, not a reward, and certainly not a sign of God’s love or appreciation.

But then, I don’t believe God acts like that. I think human beings, the ones that Hillary got into so much trouble for calling, correctly I might add, DEPLORABLES, (racists and other fearful and hate based people) managed to get just the right combination of factors to get this horrible man into the White House. We do , indeed, have a disaster on our hands, but it is man-made.

Which means, unlike in the case of believing that God did it to us, that man can, and should undo that disaster, and find a way of getting someone that is not a madman into the White House. And also in the meantime, fight against the abuse he is dishing out.

And Pelosi is doing just that. So, if God sent anybody, maybe it was Nancy Pelosi to save us from the trump disaster.

Originally published at www.blogster.com.



69 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

69 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.