I wrote a check to Planned Parenthood for 100.00 here’s why

First of all, lets be clear about something. The two sides in this abortion debate are NOT pro-life and pro-abortion. They are anti-choice and pro-choice. This is the last time I will be using the term pro-life to discribe those fighting to deny a woman her free range of possible solutions when she finds herself with a pregnancy that 1. she can’t afford and 2. endangers her health or 3. she simply doesn’t want or need.

I can hear the anti-choice crowd now asking me why I don’t care about the unborn baby? In a word, no, not really. First of all, I don’t remember being in the womb or in the birth canal so that tells me that my memories didn’t start until I was born. Besides, there are simply too many children and adults that were brought into the world unwanted and unloved and uncared for. If we had found a way, as a society, to prevent all the living children from being unloved and ending up contributing to poverty and poor education statistics, then and only then will I start worrying about the unborn fetus.

Then there is the horrible inhumane actions of trump the wannabe dictator. Now on top of trying to destroy our system of government, he is going to try to prevent women having a choice about bringing a new unwanted child into the world. This, while at the same time, siding with big business against the people, wanting to deregulate industry.

What we actually need in this country is one of two things. The first and possibly easier would be a minimum wage that would keep in line with prices. The second possibility would be fixed prices so that, Big Oil in particular, but all business couldn’t continue to gouge the public as they do now.

Let’s be honest here, women have always known and used methods to get rid of unwanted children. My uncles first wife used drugs to do so. A girl at my old Nazarene Church became pregnant and her parents rushed her to New York where abortion was legal and had it “taken care of”. So, we aren’t going to stop women from getting rid of unwanted pregnancies. What we might do is keep POOR women from getting remedy. You know, women who don’t the money to fly to another state to get rid of an unwanted fetus. Meanwhile, there is always the disbarred doctor in the alley willing to use a wire coat hanger.

Not having abortion available is a good way to increase poverty and the resultant illness and even crime that results from a huge number of people without real hope for a decent life.

Then, in today’s society, a huge birth rate is getting more and more counter-productive. As is discussed in the second article listed, AI’s are now being used in fast food restaurants to take orders. In other words, one of the main sources of some small measure of income for those unable to get a good skilled job is being done away with. So what are we going to do with all those extra fetuses that we force women to have by virtue of defunding Planned Parenthood and simple organizations that provide option for women?

Like everybody else, I get requests for donations every day. Sometimes, that is all I get. After reading the article about trump changing the Title X guidelines to make it harder to get a full range of options delivered to women in need, I had to move Planned Parenthood to the top of my donation list. 100.00 is not much in comparison to the tens of millions that trump is trying to deny them…but if more people donate, we might just make the difference.

For the anti-choice readers, nobody is forcing you to have an abortion. You are perfectly free to have as many children as you want. In today’s economy, I personally might think that anybody having more than three should have their tubes tied, but that is different from using the federal government to wage war on those who make a different choice than you do.

Oh, and trust me, I am going to remember. I gave a 100.00 today. That is not likely to be the last time I donate.

Next, hmmm, I am thinking the Southern Poverty Law Center might just need a bit more money for their fight against all the racist and homophobes stirred up by the man in the White White.

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