I am glad to say that unlike trump I have no “values’ so i don’t have to cosy up to right wing hate groups

I love how right wing hate groups warp themselves in the flag or more likely a white sheet with a cross painted on it an proclaim that they are a goup that has values. And try to claim furthermore that they are the only ones that do.

Some, even some of you out there in social media land, like to say that this or that group doesn’t have values. After all, apparently only the right wing has values. in that case, thank God, or human nature, and common decency that I have made it 63 years “without having values’. If the examples I have seen here on blogster and every right leaning site on the net are an example of “values”…they are truely an accused thing.

Just think:here are the things that tell me, per those folks that I have no “values’…..

1. beleiving that Blacks should be treated fairly and that they ARE NOT now…of course all I have is observatin to think that….obsrvation of cops beating Black men, young and old for things that Whites would not get more than “don’t do that”..for.

2. thinking tha Gays,Lesbians and all others associated in the LGBTQ community deserve equal treatment….including our relationships.

3. that Hispanics are the folks that have kept this country running…including many of the “illegal” ones, and that our current attitude is not only bigoty but downrright ingratitude for the service many of those same people have rendered on our yards and fruit farms for years, and yaars.

4. That America is a land of religous freedom and that that promise applies to Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Wiccans and every other religious strain that exists..

5. that white conservative christians have no more right to pass laws inforcing their own intrepretation of the Bible on everybody else….nor does it give them the right to do thngs like try to take away a woman’s right to choice what happens to and in her own body…

6. that the rights narrow minded believes on things religious do not allow them ot inpost, by law, hinderances to my constitutional right to follow my religious beliefs having as it relates to the joyeous acceptance and appreciation of my God given trait of being a Gay man loving man. (note if you find that phrase offensive, consider how offensive I find your use of religion in your hate speach)

But finally, we know why trump tried to make it seem like somehow the messges from the neo-nazi/kkik/alt-right/white supracists/natinalists.. in Charlottesville that “we hate Jews and all these other groups and won’t allow them to take down this statue which is our blessed symbol of hate we have” and “get your racists backsides out of our town” was somehow equal messages.

How do I now why?/ Becuase it has been announced that he, trump, is going to join the so-called Valves Voters Summit later this week. This “august” (if hate and bigoty was something to be called august that is) event will include such well known bigots as Phil Roberton (of the infameous duck dynasty tv show) and Roy Moore. Both of whom have credited or very carefully avoided actually saying that MY people should die….as in be killed.

And reading the article they seem to be indicating that other such right wing hate groups as the KKK, Neo-nazi’s and their fellow-travelers wil be there in hordes. And that, is what our fearful leader is gong to be doing….giving the horrible racists and just general bigots (un-american to top it off) his sympathy and support.

And some ask why I seem to hate trump…this s**t is why….hating evil (even when it is ensourced like a toadstool at the desk in the oval office is not evil…it is the very epidome of having values and standing up for the good of those most at risk.

So yeah, I know the Bible says don’t hate….but it also says that even Jesus shook the dust of the town that chose evil or ignorance over understanding and good off their slanders.

So, yeah, my feelings about trump are very very close to hate….because when anybody tries to hurt as many as him and his cohorts are trying to hurt…hatred is the right response…hatred was right in reaction to Htlers’ acitivities and hatred (or ar least some real and clear anger and repudiaton for trump and what he is trying to do to America is jsut as correct.

I thnk it is time to resurrect an old chant, to let you know where I am and will always be.




Because right this very week, trump is going to be cosying up to people that i am not simply calling Nazi’s…they identify themselves as neo-nazis…and this man is gonna join them anyway…right there with David Duke and all the other right wing hate group representatives.

Thanks, Mr dumpt for doing this….now maybe some more people might get WOKE.


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.