I admit it, I was wrong about trump and social media

Yeah, I have to admit when I make an error in judgment, and with the case of trump, I am hereby admitting it. Before anybody has a heart attack, however, wait to hear what I was wrong about. It might not be what you think. First, there will be confirming links involved because quite frankly, I believe my error is simple to understand. I will say it is partly based on news stories that i have gleaned from here and there. If I make what sounds like something you may more information on, please google or bing the item and see where it was possibly gleaned from.

I was wrong, very wrong about trump. No, I am not rescinding my condemnation of the horrible actions and attitudes exhibited on his part. I am “digging deeper” and admitting that even I was less afraid than I should have been over the last three or so years. That is because while I knew he was bad, I underestimated how much damage he could and would be willing to do in order to get his own way.

I knew before he was elected that he was quite willing to attempt to curtail civil liberties if the persons were not on his side. He announced his disdain for Hispanic and Islamic persons living in this country, not as individuals as criminals, but as a class. That is what it means when you claim “Mexica is sending their rapists” instead of “some Mexicans I suspect of illegal stuff”.

So, all that I was expecting. Then of course as most demagogues do, he added groups that he vilified, including the Trans community and the media almost in its entirety. His war on the media was so constant that I was not surprised when he made comments in public about curtailing media freedom. By declaring them repeatedly as “enemies of the people”, he announced clearly that he was capable of moving to try and actually infringe on the very idea of a free and independent press.

But I was not prepared for what happened, at trump behest on January 6th. I imagined that he would grouse and complain and whimper and scream about the election being rigged. I expected many speeches, on Twitter and elsewhere, about how unfair it was. However, I was not expecting trump to actually take the step of basically sending a civilian gang of thugs out to attack the Capitol. After all, this was the man that had Federal officers aggressively attacking folks that were protesting the actual murder of George Floyd. There is still some question about whether any violence at those protests was actually the protester’s doing. But hey, I guess the idea of “sending troops” is so strong within trump that even if he can’t find any real soldiers, he is not averse to “sending his troops” against Congress itself. Interestingly that he changed his mind and decided not to actually be at “his troops” side as they invaded the Capital.

And no, the bottom line is that I never expected things would get this bad in the country with trump as the so-called leader for only four years. I would have expected it to take at least eight for it to get this horrible, but he did it in only four.

However, the media, including social media, is finally doing its job in preventing the evil from getting any worse. Facebook has suspended trump’s account, and Twitter has taken the unprecedented action of permanently banning trump from its platform. In addition, the Amazon Web server has taken the step of removing Parler from their platform. That was done because Parler is known for allowing hate groups and those advocating violence to have unfettered say on the platform. That is against Amazon's policy and they are doing something about it.

Before people get upset about the “freedom of speech” ideal, that does not, or should not include speech that is made for the sole purpose of causing panic and/or violent reaction and advocating for sedition or an insurrection is precisely what should not be allowed…or at least made easy.

Here we are, January 11, 2021, and we are still hearing bits and pieces from the seditious followers of the trump administration and that is despite all the media sources feeding them less and less oxygen. However, it is to be hoped that there are enough enforcements to whatever military, loyal to the Constitution instead of one man, in DC to prevent any attempt at an uprising on Jan 20 from getting anywhere. The chance is, of course, being helped by some dozens of the organizers of the Jan 6th rebellion being brought to justice and hopefully imprisoned.

Bottom line: I was wrong about how much danger we were actually in, and pleasantly surprised that the media has been as willing to resist the dark forces. I was concerned that they might just be willing to go for the buck and publish more and more of the nasty stuff. Instead, they are resisting as much as possible, at least some are. Good for them!!!




68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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