Hurrah: the Supreme Court ruled to go with the American People and save our democratic republic…hurrah!!!!

From 2016 till 2020, the Republican party indicated at every turn that it no longer existed. At least, it no longer exists as the Republican party of old. It is now officially the Trumpian party. They have most recently shown that by trying to overturn the very long-standing position that Republicans have always taken, ie that individual states have control over elections that take place within their borders. This is part of the same claim used by the anti-civil/equal rights groups to justify continued discrimination (States Rights) and I think the Trumpian still stand for that, as I will indicate below, but for elections, their wisdom was that Texas had the right to undo the votes in four other states because they chose to do their election differently.

However, the Supreme Court reached a 7–2 decision to throw this spurious and frivolous lawsuit out and not hear it ruling that Texas did not have standing to try and dictator how the other four states conducted their business. This is in line with not only the Democratic stance of one person, one vote generally with the stipulation of the Electoral College added on, but also the Republican position with no less luminary than Lamar Alexander of Tennessee weighing in to say that the lawsuit violates Republican standards. But then the new “Trumpian party” has not adhered to Republican standards on a lot of issues, like fiscal conservativism for example, with the horrific tax cut for the rich that they then threatened the working and middle class’s social net of Social Security and Medicare to pay for.

But all that is true and horrible, and part of a Biden victory will serve to turn the tide away from the atrocity of “trickle-down” economics to an economic philosophy that takes care of the people in the middle and working class that actually fuel the economy. I also see it as moving toward the possibility that the right militia groups like the Boogooloo Boys, the Proud Boys, and another racist right extremist group will no longer be getting dog whistle suggestions toward violence from the White House itself. That part of the right will exist, but without the support of the White House, so they won’t have as much encouragement for their noxious position.

Once things calm down, and I expect the trump supporters to rant and rave for a while, maybe this nation can move toward working together for EVERYBODY. That includes some REAL police reform that gets rid of those willing to kill young black men and women due to their simply being out doing things while black. trump has for too long fueled the hatred of the radically racist and homophobic to endanger lives. Police are, of course, needed, but also social workers and people trained in mental health and de-escalation of tension are even more needed as the murder of George Floyd is a prime example.

Thanks, Amodpovw, for letting me know that a decision had been reached. I had been checking several times a day to see what was new and was glad to finally have a piece of GOOD, no WONDERFUL news. (sadly, I can’t read Washington Post online which is why my other lines don’t include that)

Oh, and for me, there is a little special giggle involved knowing that the three Justices that trump appointed voted to dismiss this case. I bet we are going to hear tantrums from him about this as well. He who demands personal loyalty. My next hope is that Georgia sees the light on the Senate race and gets rid of those two inside traders that benefitted from Covid-19 and replaces them with two that will work for the interest of the people.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.