how we need to use the Newsom recall as a format for winning our nation back to sanity

Consider this an article on the editorial page of any newspaper in America. Yes, it is an opinion, but I would insist, it is an opinion based on FACTS. Some of those facts are presented in the articles linked and some were from a broadcast on NPR.

With the rabble-rousing right-wing bigots still believing the Big Lie that the former guy was re-elected in 2020 still running across a certain cross-section of the most insane in the country, we Democrats can not start too early to prepare ourselves for the 2022 and 2024 elections. I will restate what I have said all along. We MUST keep trump out of the White House or the United States is very likely to become a dictatorship. That is where he wanted to take us with his suppression of the free and independent media and everybody that disagreed with his chaos-creating policy.

I suggest that we might use Gavin Newsom as a signpost for how to go about continuing the win of America away from neo-nazism to sanity and human dignity for all. The political battle to save Newsom’s great leadership for California was started in 2019, I believe. Apparently, California has some weird rules on the idea of a recall that allows just about anybody to challenge a sitting governor if they are not doing what you think they should.

Well, originally, apparently the recall was aimed at Newsom’s policy on the undocumented residence. Newsom had very popularly and justly made the decision that he would not allow his police officers to be subjugated to ICE endangering the families of a heavily Hispanic state. Even those Hispanics who were legally in this country would be less prone to cooperate with police if they need their neighbors or relatives might be turned over to ICE when they had only minor charges and shipped back to a country where many of them were unsafe. I still think that was the decision that was best for the state of California.

However, obvious racists and other xenophobes didn’t agree and so there was a recall mounted and who knows how many people rallied to run against him in case he lost the recall vote. Later it came down to the Covid management, which was even more stupid as grounds as far as I am concerned. Newsom was one of the best governors in dealing with the pandemic. I still think he and Cuomo of New York were warriors on the front line of getting the horrible covid-19 pandemic under control. Yes, I know, Cuomo resigned for a very good reason. He was not perfect but the Covid thing he handled as well as anybody in the nation, certainly better than any of the Republican governors who tried to deny the whole thing and wanted (and still do) to put business over lives rather than finding ways to keep business going AND also save lives.

The point of this article is the fact that Newsom WON in the recall vote. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that one black conservative candidate was known for not believing that racism still exists in America when it obviously does. Again, how any minority member could vote for a person who was an obvious scapegoater and the xenophobic person is beyond me, whether it be the Republican Log Cabin folks or people like Larry Elder. Another one was a transgendered woman who was naive enough to support trump. She thought her position as a rich ex-sports star would prevent the king of minority bashing, trump, to not go after the trans community. That “hope” was revealed to be unwise when he first banned trans persons from the military and then threatened to “define them out of existence”. But, even more, the win had to do with the fact that the Democrats got together and communicated and supported getting everybody to the polls for that election, and that effort paid off.

Instead of backbiting and playing games of “if the candidate ain’t perfect we ain’t voting for them” and do what is needed to save our nation from this hellish attack of the White Supramists on our democratic republic. There are huge numbers of racists and general all-around bigots still in the office across this country. MTG is a prime example. This is a woman who is as cra-cra as trump himself and needs to be gotten out of office. There are a lot more, so many that I can’t give a list of all of them, but Matt Gaetz is another one.

I, myself, stand ready to vote for any democrat at all. I even voted for Hillary in 2016 after voting for my guy Bernie in the primary. I wanted Elizabeth Warren because I liked her wealth-tax proposal in 2020, but voted for Biden as “anything is better than trump” in 2020. I figured he was another “moderate Democrat” and I am more the Bernie and AOC brand of Democrat. I call that a compromise to keep the worst of the worst from getting in. I will do it again in 2022 and 2024, and in the meantime, I have donated far more than I probably should have to progressive and liberal candidates and will continue to do so.

Strong suggestion: Please rally and get as many progressives as possible. By progressive, I mean Democrats who will work for the people instead of being like Manchin and Sinema and fighting for the elite along with the Republicans. However, at all costs let’s rally to prevent another takeover by the likes of Trump and his evil cabal.

Now is NOT too soon to start networking and planning. Remember, the nation and life you save may just be your own.




68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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