How to insult and lie while appearing to do the right thing as taught by trump

Now, a decent president would act in a certain way with a possible pandemic affecting the nation. Note, i said “decent president”, not the bragging con-artist in the White House. A decent president would try and bring the nation together to fight the pandemic. Now admittedly, he or she might decide to short down travel, but would do it in a logical manner BEFORE the virus got started in the country.

The fact is that it is really almost too late for the travel ban that trump has issued to do any good. The nation is already suffering under the onslaught. But of course, trump is using it for his prime rallying his supporters and shoring up his power base. And republicans talk about the House and Democrats using things for political advantage. Nobody, and I mean nobody does it more than trump.

For example, in the latest speech, he not only used the pandemic as a weapon against the Democrats by claiming that nobody attends their rallies (a blatant lie obviously), but bragged about how well he was handling things. His rallies, of course, are hugely attended and he is thinking of cancelling them ONLY because others might think it is a good idea. In other words, he is implying that while churches and schools are closing across the country to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it would really be already for him to conduct a huge political rally except that others might object. As though he truly cares about anybody but himself.

Then, there is the ban itself which, until yesterday, March 14th, did not include the UK. That was added on March 14th, but was ahead of some of the nations on the earlier travel ban with 373 cases. They likely should have been on the earlier ban to be consistent and fair.

Then there was his own exposure with two people at Mar-a-Lago that had/have it. The story is mixed on that. First his doctor supposedly released a memo that he didn’t need to be tested because the exposure was “low risk”. Now exactly what does THAT mean in the current situation. Exposure would seem to me to mean exposure…ie in the same room with someone. But now, as of the 14th, trump’s saying that he was tested. So which is it. Considering the thousands of lies trump has told, I suspect he hasn’t been tested and fully intends to continue interacting with huge numbers of people as though somehow he is exempt.

There are also other things that are frightening about his stated responses. For one he says that he has powers that we don’t know about. Does he mean like the power to ignore the purse string power of Congress, which he has already ignored and gotten away with? Does he mean stop elections to stay in power?

We live in scary times, there is no doubt about it, and the Covid-19 even the most scary thing. The most scary thing is the power that congress has allowed this crook get away with.

VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO….is the only thing that will save civil rights in this country, I am more and more afraid.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.