Hope for the American People, Monday hopefully a day of justice

My purpose is not to provide any “new” information, although it may be information that some may have missed, but rather to point out good things that hopefully are taking place with our struggle against TFG….in many cases at a time that is far overdue. Yes, this is a blog and is an opinion, but an opinion that is based on reality and the facts that are clearly involved. There is plenty of evidence to support the belief that I share here.

First of all, TFG lied. Those that made it their business to count lost track somewhere around 30,000. Back of that, however, was the history of a person who was basically a scam artist with evidence aplenty pointing out that he very often inflated or deflated his worth and that of his “properties” based on whether it was tax time or gloating time in order to get new loans. Then there are the many testimonies of sexual misconduct.

His charity was shut down by the State of New York, his “university” was shut down for defrauding. And that is just the part in his “personal businessman” life before he gained any kind of political power.

Now, let’s move to his political career. First, he came on the scene based on lies and demagoguery like no other politician in my memory. He insisted on continuing to question Obama’s American citizenship long after the birth certificate was released. He also claimed to have seen the Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the fall of the Trade Towers in New York. That last is something that NOBODY has ever agreed with him on publically.

Then there were things like accepting David Duke’s endorsement, claiming afterward not to know who David Duke was. All evidence of either racism or the willingness to cater to the racists in this country to get power. Either way, the behavior is unpardonable.

Then we have to look at how he conducted the business while in the White House. Rejecting and vilifying our own intelligence community right praising Putin, along with the fact that there was evidence that Russia had tried to influence the election in his favor, and that two years later he tried to blackmail Ukraine into doing his bidding against his political opponent, Biden, showed that he was willing to break the law in order to hang on to power.

We are STILL dealing with the Big Lie. You know the one, where he claims to have won the election of 2020 even though there has been no evidence found that any of the fraud he alleges ever took place. Even Mariposa County in Arizona which was thought to be the be-all and end-all of this horrible fraud turned out not to be evidence of any fraud at all. That proved true even after a group hired to PROVE it, which we would assume had a vested interest in finding it, failed to find any, or at least not enough to affect the outcome. That Big Lie is the one that caused an insurrection at the Capitol where people invaded to try to force Congress to change the vote.

However, there are lots of lawsuits pursuing Justice. New York is pursuing investigations into possible illegal financial escapades in that state, while Georgia was weighting the issue of the pressure exerted to try and get their leaders to invalidate the legally chosen candidate. Those are criminal charges that are processed.

In addition, however, there are several civil sues pending. I urge you to read the link at the end of this paper, but two women are suing for sexual harassment, congresspersons and police are suing for damage done on Jan 6th by the insurrectionists acting on trump’s behalf in the big lie. In addition, in 2015, some protesters were attacked by trump followers and on Monday, a deposition was scheduled on what trump knew and when he knew it. We know he often encouraged violence at his “rallies” so this is possibly the beginning of Justice for the American people at long last.

These lawsuits, alone, might seem to be small potatoes, however, they apparently are seen as having wider implications. That is especially true in New York where the investigation into the Trump Organization is ongoing. These lawsuits may show evidence that will help in that investigation as well. Oh and let’s now forget that one of those lawsuits is Mary Trump’s accusation that the three older trumps (DJT, Robert, and the one sister) unstated the value of the estate in order to shortchange her and her brother. That goes directly to financial chicanery and would definitely put DJT in the hot box. But first, let’s see what happens about the violence in 2015.

Hope exists that Justice may yet be served.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.