HALLELUJAH!!! Biden came through….what wonderful joy today has brought

Well, I thought I was through with today’s posts, however, it has come to my attention that Biden signed several Executive Orders today. Now one of them is of particular importance in my life. Actually, it has been a matter of attention from me for two reasons.

First of all, all minorities are likely to be better off under the Biden administration than they were for the last 4 years. That especially goes without saying for my own community, the LGBTQ community. There was an Equality Bill that Biden had suggested he might sign into law, or that is what I was told when he became President. Then the word came down that he had decided not to do it in the first 100 days. I immediately jumped on the email service and sent a message to my representative in the House urging him to speak to the President about that erroneous decision.

Tonight, it was revealed that Biden did an EO declaring that from henceforth all discrimination laws that apply to anybody, apply to members of the LGBTQ community. This decision is consistent with the Supreme Court case brought out in the Bostick lawsuit and the majority decision written by none other than one of the Justices put on the SC by the previous administration.

The last administration did not obey or support that decision as we know quite well despite the fact that Kavanaugh was the one that headed up the majority opinion. The administration's draconian, and equality denying, act of kicking transgendered folks that had been serving well and doing their job faithfully for some years out because of personal distaste showed that the previous administration was biased very clearly.

Now that has been changed, at least in terms of procedure. I would still like a law to be passed in the House and Senate, bearing in mind that it was already passed in the House, to put it permanently in the lawbooks. The EO will do, for the time being, however, time might just give us more safety.

For those not getting why I am so excited and happy about this, imagine that for four years, your people were under attack from the White House. Now imagine you being delivered from that oppression because the regime changed. Now, do you get it?

The below song was sung at the Covid-19 memorial at the Lincoln Memorial last night, as broadcast on C-Span, and speaks to the issue very well, in my opinion. And for those worried about “religious freedom”, that clause was never meant to be the ultimate authority for the secular community. The very point of the clause should rightly be understood as allow each to decide the religious matters for themselves, whether they go to this church, that mosque, or nowhere to worship. In today’s world, where religion tries to be a business like any other, public service still should apply. If it is wrong to discriminate against a Black or Hispanic or a mixed couple of heterosexuals, it should be illegal to discriminate against our community, as the Supreme Court recently rightly ruled.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.