Good things coming in the New Year with President Biden

Of course, we still have a temper tantrum throwing moral midget in the White House still lying, passing out conspiracy theories and otherwise trying to steal the election…some of us would say for the second time, but we are going to just from now on try to ignore that, and focus on the new year and the new President number 46 (I have really struggled to remember Biden is 46th…trying to forget the 4 four years, I guess). There seem to be good things coming and I hope there are even more.

1. John Kerry, former Secretary of State during Obama’s time in office, is being slated for Climate Change Envoy. This signals the Biden Administrations' return to taking science seriously and making a commitment to conservation. This is important because sacrificing our environment for a few more dollars for industry and corporations will result in the destruction of health and safety.

2. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has apparently been sidelined and even attacked in recent times by the trump administration has been invited and accepted a position as lead Medical advisor. Once again, Biden returning to the science of the issue.

3. Senior staff at the White House hired based on knowledge. A refreshing change back to a more statesmanlike norm.

4. He has announced that Women and other minorities will be in his administration. He referred to it as the administration looking like the nation. There are groups trying to make sure he holds to that promise, especially the Black community. Biden understands that all of the advocacy groups are doing their job by fighting for their people, which is as it should be.

5. Now here is a bit of a bittersweet report. My own representative, Cedric Richmond, is accepting a position in the Biden Administration. I have mixed feelings about that because he is the only one in Congress representing Louisiana that I like. But then having the ear of the President will be a good thing probably for the state as well.

Now, what I want to see:

1. The United States to get back into the Paris Accord. We should have never pulled out of that great treaty working for clean water and air. If there are issues with elements of it, we need to try to amend those portions but still, the Accord itself was more than a good idea.

2. if the rest of the world has not shuttered the Iran treaty with the recent neglect of our valuable leadership in that dimension of world peace, we need to start adhering to it again.

3. We need to re-establish Obama’s position of normalization of our relationship with Cuba. To hang on to that old grievance for 70 or more years has been lubricious for some time now. Every President has felt pressure to hate Castro, who ruled that country for years.

4. move to end Child incarceration at the border, stop separating kids from their parents.

5. return to the process of DACA. These are kids who came to this country when many of them were small, brought by their parents seeking better lives….the very philosophy espoused by our nations establishing principals and peached for most of that time…especially the last 100 years or so.

6. Return the rights of able-bodied Trans people to serve in the military. They would need to be as capable but not more so than any other group. This would send a strong and vital message that the United States is not a nation where some are considered second class citizens, but truly “every person equal under the law” as we claim it is.

All of this will take time. I don’t expect it all on the first day or even within the first 100. However, Biden has already announced some wonderful moves in the correct direction and I am here to encourage him to do more. There are other things I want as well, for example, more attention paid to the poor Palestinians so restricted by Isreal’s current administration.

And just maybe, (a huge hope here) with Biden and Kamala Harris, we can move away from the “give huge tax breaks to the rich” while trying to force the poor and middle class to pay for those tax breaks by stealing their Social Security and other safety-net factors. THAT would be a huge change in the correct direction.

No, I don’t have links to every point I made, but it is out there.



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