God Bless America….Jan 20, 2021, our nation endures with President Biden

Today is a day of celebration for me. For the last four years, I have been scared. What with the almost daily parade of racism and xenophobia in the nation, I was unsure at times that the Republicans would stand. Honestly, I was angry as well as afraid. In fact, in hope that Biden would be the President starting today, I prepared a very loudly celebratory blog — one denouncing the past administration and “bragged” about our current win. However, taking the stance of Biden’s inauguration to heart, I am moved to take a more conciliatory position in this celebratory blog.

Never let it be questioned that I do, in fact, celebrate this turn of events. Thank goodness for C-Span because it allowed me to observe, not only the inauguration but also the memorial service conducted at the Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday night. Biden had just got into DC and a group gathered to remember the 400,000 that have died because of the horrible pandemic, Covid-19. It was a mask-wearing, social distancing as much as a possible group.

Throughout the two celebrations, diversity was uplifted in both words and deeds. Kamala is the first Asian, Black, and woman that has ever been Vice President. That’s some diversity right there. But in addition, the presenters were diverse, to reflect a nation that is composed of all sorts of ethnicities, Nations of origin, skin shades, and affectional choices. The first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice was part of the inauguration process itself.

In addition, at the memorial, Leanard Cohen’s Hallelujah was sung, and Amazing Grace was sung twice, once at each event. At the memorial, a nurse who had worked with Covid patients sang it, and for the inauguration, Garth Brooks did. Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga also sang bringing a more diverse array of performers to the stage. Finally, there was a Republican, Roy Blout, that had charge of part of the ceremony.

Some wonder why so many voted for Biden since he did not big rallies. What they miss is that many of those who voted for Biden, did so because he DIDN’T conduct huge rallies. We didn’t want big rallies in the days of Covid-19. We appreciated and respected him even more because he was aware of the horrible pandemic that has killed, to date, 401,000 persons and which has actually been growing in the last couple of months.

Finally, in his speech after being sworn in, he was very calm and reflective. He spoke boldly that, while we currently have lots of problems, we will overcome them. We will become a world leader again, and use our good example as a way of speaking peace to the world. He has already said that our involvement with the Paris Accord will be resumed along with a fight against Climate Change and the damage it is doing to our planet and home. We will move from the period of horrible disease with Covid-19 and the rampant racism and xenophobia that we seem to have been suffering from for four years especially badly.

And what is especially wonderful is that he NEVER ever bragged about how wonderful he was. He was very humble throughout and spoke of us doing it together. What an idea?!!!!! What a change from the last four years!!!!

Will he be perfect? Heck, no!! But will he lead us in the right direction? I think so. And when he is off-target, I will petition others in leadership to move to offset his mistake. In fact, I have already done so on one issue. But overall, I am very very happy today!!!!!

By the way, I was delighted when Biden told us he would countermand the opening up of our nation to Europe and Brazil that was ordered for Jan 26th by the previous administration. We are not there yet, especially not with a new strain of the disease running through the nation.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.