Gas: work with Biden to put an end to this unhealthy sap on our health and economy

Yeah, I see in the news that the oil industry now has another excuse to jack prices up sky high. This time, it might even have some honesty involved since there was apparently a hack that stopped some of the flow and cut down on supply. I say “might” because I know that huge corporations often put out things that aren’t true in order to get something they want.

However truly dependent on gas and oil we USED to be, that time has passed. Actually, I think it passed some time ago, but certainly, in 2021, it is way past due that we are free of the monopoly that we have granted to this greedy price-gouging health-damaging industry. There are too many alternatives that are safer for the environment and cheaper for the pocketbook if we allow proper investment into efforts to bring those energy sources to the forefront instead of allowing the Oil Lobby and the politicians (personally I think it is more true of the big business loving republicans than the democrats but some of both) who write laws and direct policy to continually bail out and prop up Big Oil while ignoring and downplay viable sources like electricity and even solar power.

Biden is moving to change the situation and has a program that is intended to give oil at least more competition. As it is, they think, and to some extent actually do, have us over the proverbial barrel and if they decide to jack up prices, they just do it. I have watched them for years. Just recently, they jacked the prices up, after putting out a story on the news about “some small oil businesses may be losing money”. I immediately knew that the prices were going up, and sure enough, within a week they were probably 30 cents more a gallon.

The electric energy for vehicles is on the rise already, thanks in part to the work of Biden and the new administration that has actually made some strides in actually helping the American people instead of just the oligarchs at the top. The Department of Transportation and Energy is working in tandem to share information about grants that can be used to grow the charging plants for electrical vehicles. The GSA has moved to start transferring the government fleets of vehicles to zero emissions.

I am sure there have been some efforts, even under the last administration despite the fact that trump was opposed to such efforts because some industry is getting with the trend and working on alternative fuel already, but Biden’s administration has kicked it into a higher gear and there are now 100,000 public charging stations across the country for electrical vehicles. There are even some here in New Orleans, where I live presently.

There are a lot of details that can be found at the link below so I won’t go into much more detail here. I will say that interestingly, while I was researching this issue, a question occurred to me. Since we can now use solar panels to provide electricity, why couldn’t a car or truck be built that would simply use solar power? There is evidence that it might very well be possible for that or at least for solar power to create electricity for the vehicle.

The second article has a lot to say about the progress being made. Earlier complaints about electric cars being harder to keep fueled are lessening. The fact is, that electric cars have been around for a while and are only getting better with time. With our current levels of water and air pollution which is causing Climate Change and poor health for many, it is past time to phrase oil and other fossil fuels out. The time is over when they are productive enough to offset the damage they do.

So what have I done or plan to do to work on this personally? Well, I was personally lucky enough to belong to a strong union and got good benefits with a retirement saving plan as part of that. Between that and my Social Security, I did not hurt from the Covid-19 pandemic and the shut down that was necessary to deal with it. So, my stimulus checks were all three put into a company that is working to develop innovative technology, which hopefully includes alternative fuel methods. I made that decision before the first check was in my hand, and stuck to it the entire time. In addition, if I ever get another vehicle, I fully intend to get a hybrid or preferably a fully electric car….or by that time, maybe a solar power car will be out. Which I get will, of course, depend on how much they cost.

In the meantime, I will try and spend as little as possible at the gas pump even if I have to cut back on my “running around” when the prices are jacked way up high….like it is now at 2.55 to 2.75 a gallon. And luckily this time, I managed to grab a tank full at 2.43 before it shot up again.

And before people raise the issue of “what about workers”, what about training workers in the oil industry to work with the new technology. That seems like a reasonable use of the infrastructure bills that are needed to get this country headed in the right direction to me. And for the older workers, this all won’t be done overnight, unfortunately, so many of them can probably keep working in oil till retirement, but if we don’t start now, we will never reach the goal of clean energy which is what is needed.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.