G-7 — Biden did a Most Excellent Job In my opinion

(gotten from google)

Biden and the rest of the leaders of the free world have just concluded their meeting. Once again, we are reminded that Biden has opened up the United States as a vibrant part of the world stage. The last four years, under the previous benighted administration, we were basically the laughing shock of the world. Now, we have respect from the others in the conference and Biden played his correct role on the world stages, bringing us back to the Obama years’ levels of respect, and dare I saw love?!!

On the Pandemic level, Biden opened up by offering to donate 500 million doses of vaccine for the poorest countries around the world. This generous office showed that the United States still values our leadership, in good ways, in world events. Not once was anybody attacked for “not paying their fair share” in the petty way that was done by the previous resident of the Oval Office. In response, the G-7 is offering one billion. Now whether that is one billion including the US offer or in addition to, I am not sure.

That is not to say that Biden didn’t speak up and make his, and America’s, opinion known. On the Brexit issue, he pointed that Northern Ireland’s right to the freedom to trade was not to be cut off by Great Britain. Macron indicated that Northern Irland was NOT part of the United Kingdom, in error. It is Southern Ireland that is a separate country that broke off some years ago. I am updating because I got the two parts confused on the first writing. Of course, Johnson took offense, but it is true that Northern Ireland is refusing to honor Brexit. Apparently, it is felt that they have that right.

In addition, Biden sees Democracies as being in competition with authoritarian governments. I think he is primarily thinking about Russia and China, but I would extend that to all authoritarian countries…wherever they might be. The question is can Democracies meet the fast speed of innovation in the 21st century. That is a question that needs to be answered, and it is my hope that in time, it will be proven that we can, and will. Despite the prior administration in this country, with their attempt at authoritarianism, we in the United States still remain as one of the larges Democratically governed countries in the world, so the spotlike is on us.

While critiquing Russia and China for their civil rights abuses and in Russia’s case especially their cyber warfare, Biden suggested that there are areas where Russia and the United States can work together. One ray of possible light is that Putin has offered to send cyber terrorists that have attacked the United States to here to stand trial. The return for that is criminals that they want to be sent to them. The sticking point here is that the last time Putin offered that idea, what he really wanted was Russian dissidents who were standing up against his authoritarian dictatorship.

In any case, I am glad to see the United States as a part of the leadership of the Free World again and hope that many good things can come about as a result of this conference. Biden has gone on to Brussels, and time will tell what results in that conference yields.

Good going, Biden. Thanks for properly representing American interests and the values for which we stand.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.