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First of all, the author of Warning is a member of trump’s own administration. He or she has taken the questionable step of being anonymous. While they state that is to prevent their names from being used to blunt a discussion that needs to revolve around what kind of country we want, there is some question about it this is the most affective way to shine law on an administration that many of us feel is corrupt.

The book clearly indicates that the writer doesn’t think that trump has the fiber to be in the position he is in. That should be self-evident to any watcher by now, but sadly many still defend him against every criticism. As the writer suggests and I know from observation to be true, trump has no principals. He is neither wise in regard to listening to those who know much more about government than he does, but in addition is more concerned with destroying anybody who says anything against him than he is in serving the national issues.

Anonymous suggests that the “Steady State” is what has been resisting from within the administration and although they were tempted to do a mass exodus in particular after trump’s refusal to immediately and consistently reject the Nazis and KKK members and other White Supramacy that caused the violence, including one death, in Charlottesville, they decided that staying within the government and trying to mellow some of trump’s worst tendencies was the route to take.

Well, the author admits that that might have been a mistake, but now the “adults in the room” have been driven off and most of what is left is the opportunists, like trump himself, who are seeking power for themselves.

So, now, this is not really news, but it will be interesting to see if this person ever comes out and tells the truth publicly. If so, it certainly needs to be before November 8th, 2020 if we may end up with the madman getting re-elected and then whatever “Adults” are left in the room will be disposed of, and trump will likely run rough house over everybody and the abuse we have seen from him will be tiny in comparison.

However, two things give me hope. First, Chuck Schumer is revving up to demand more documents for the hearing in the Senate. One email alone shows that the White House commanded the funds not be sent to the Ukraine less than two hours after he made his blackmailing phone call to the president of the Ukraine demanding an investigation of the Biden family. This confirms something else that Warning asserts, ie that trump wants personal obedience and will demand whatever he wants in the moment without even checking to see if such an action is legal or will solve whatever the problem that he thinks exists.

The second ray of hope is that if the Senate acquits, that doesn’t exempt trump from being tried in criminal court after he gets out of the office. I was hoping that a second impeachment process could get him on the same issues if the current Senate acquits and the democrats get the Senate back in 2020. I am not sure on that, but at least double jeopardy doesn’t count in a case of impeachment, and those shame charges can be brought back up. And I also know that the House is likely to be watching and waiting if trump commits any more infractions. Goodness knows he seems to do another unseemly thing every day.

What do I hope? First I hope the democrats win in 2020, period. I hope the president is one of the democratic candidates. That way, maybe the middle class will get some sort of tax relief instead of the super-rich getting lots and we the middle class paying for it though lost safety net if not actual money out of pocket. I lost money out of pocket already for 2018. At that time, I hope the Department of Justice will be ready to go after trump for all of his abuse of power during his time in office.

If, trump does, for some crazy reason, gets re-elected, then I hope the Senate is re-taken by the Democrats. That way, another impeachment process might just work and get this man out of the White House. He has hurt enough people, including farmers and other businesses with his tariff wars that quite a few of his former supporters may have seen the light.

No, the hard core bigots will still support him as long as he keeps appeasing them with racist, bigoted statements. But those who voted for him thinking he would help them, and were betrayed by him, might just have seen the light.

My ultimate dream would be for him to lose the election, be taken to court and lose there. I would love to see him spend the next 10 or so years wearing an orange jumpsuit to match his currently orange face. But, i would also settle for him to be out office and off the public stages. I would be disappointed at the latter outcome, but at least the sense of doom that I have lived with for the last three years would be ended.


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.