evidence STILL coming out about the crooked trump administration….my advice to the House

(picture from politico article below)

Some out there might think that I would give up/shut up, now that the Senate has moved to basically clear the trump. Well, I won’t. I will work till the last possible moment to bring an end to his evil regime and bring decency and justice and common compassion back to the United States. To do otherwise is to accept a third world type dictatorship where one man can do anything he wants, and the rest of us have to obey the laws. That don’t cut it with me and I hope it doesn’t with you.

The Senate thinks that by blocking witnesses and documents, they will put a halt to the investigation of this corrupt administration. I have news for them. Today, after they decided in their partisan attempt to cover up trump’s wrong doing, the DOJ indicated that they have documents showing what trump’s logic was for stopping the Ukrainian funds that were allocated by Congress from getting to the Ukraine. Can you imagine what the DOJ would be saying if they were lead by a man (Barr) in the pocket of trump?

Saying that they got the aid, FINALLY, doesn’t now change the fact that trump went against congress, who is the body that determines monetary expenditures, and refused to sent the money without an investigation into Biden.

I want the House to know that if they stop the investigation at this point, i will consider that they are violating the trust of the American people.n At least 50 percent of the American people believe that trump should be removed from office and I am one of those persons.

So here are my recommendations to the House on the basis of how to proceed (another list will have points I need them to be sure and made:

1 First of all, by all means continue to work for the American people in getting things that actually help us, rather than the wealthiest of the wealthy hijack even larger percentages of the GDP for themselves. But that can done without surrendering to the criminal behavior of the man in the White House.

2. Yes, we have an election in November of 2020. That is when the American people can get one last chance to save our country from becoming a dictatorship by the pompous thug in the White House. However, to effectively win that, we need as much evidence as possible. Sadly, there are naive and/or bigots out there supporting the trump.

3. trump’s attacks on Hispanics appealing for asylum legally, and DREAMERS brought here by their parents, have been held hostage for entirely too long.

4. trump’s decision, without any testimony from any military that they asked for the transgender ban is willful bigotry and discrimination and should not be allowed to stand.

5. trump’s refusal to allow witnesses and/or documents to be released and heard/read is a miscarriage. We need to send whoever is in the White House a reminder that Nixon was a crook, and we held his hands to the fire. So much so that even his own party rejected his lies about being innocent. trump needs to get the same message. Sadly, the republican party seems to have lost their moral backbone and are all in for “illegal as long as works in our favor is fine” this time around.

So here is my list of line item requests of the House:

1. don’t forget, one impeachment doesn’t prevent another.

2. find more evidence

3. do everything in your power to get Bolton and other witnesses to testify even if you have to go to the Supreme Court. Are they, with two judges picked by trump, complicit with trump’s corruption too? Maybe so, but force them to show it.

4. add as many items to the impeachment list as possible. Take each thing individually and make a list of EVERYTHING. Start with the Russian influence in 2016, the Ukraine blackmail attempt, his attempts to squash the free media. Everything.

5. And make sure that it is all as publicized as possible. That way, the American voter will have all the information, and won’t have anybody but themselves to blame if they vote again for trump and end up losing their freedom and their dignity, and more than likely their economic well being as trump creates enemies where there used to be friends all over the world. I am more frightened about my retirement than I ever was under any previous administration because I am one of those middle class persons whose taxes went up when the republicans gave huge breaks to those that have benefitted the most from the economy.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.