Even their clothing choices are more in line with human rights and dignity

Clothing is not something I usually evaluate our leaders on. I like what feels comfortable myself and don’t really care what the President or the First Lady, or anybody else for that matter, choices to wear. However, sometimes, it is just too obvious a comparison for me not to notice and comment upon it. However, the extreme difference in the type of messages sent out by the clothing, in this case, is just a minor reveal of the attitude held by the two administrations referenced.

The two administrations are, of course, the last administration and this one. Let’s first look at what the Biden administration has done and how it is different from what the previous one did and said. While the clothing is a minor part of it, I think the attitudes displayed by the clothing are a microcosm of what the attitude is and was generally.

Biden, elected in 2020, is at the current time on his first overseas trip. Elected to be different from the last administration, it is immediately evidenced that he took the will of the people seriously enough to make sure he sent a different message, both foreign and domestically. But this trip is about our foreign relations so let's focus on that.

In advance of his trip, he makes sure to let us know that was going to let the world community know “we are back.” Indeed, that was a welcome announcement. Biden, we were told was not going to cozy up to Russia and North Korea and betray our biggest allies like England, France, and other nations in Europe. All the “love” the previous administration gave to Putin and Kim is no longer in evidence. Instead, the democracies of the world are being valued and lifted up.

In England, he has already made it clear that they are one of our longest-lasting and best allies and we don’t forget that. He did caution Great Britain about not allowing the Brexit action to destabilize the peace in Ireland by placing checkpoints in such a way as to prevent their continued trade with the EU, which they voted to continue to be part of. A very important issue, in my opinion. We do not want a return to the hostilities that used to exist in that area. However, generally, he and Johnson got along well.

Additionally, after fulfilling the duty of making sure that the Vaccine for Covid-19 was distributed in this country, he has offered to donate 500 million doses to the poorest and neediest countries around the world. This is the United States listening, once more, to its better angels and being a good influence around the world. Perhaps, inspired by Biden, the EU will come on board and find monies to make sure every country is able to overcome this horrible pandemic.

So, Jill’s jacket is a small bit of that renewed decency on the part of the United States on the world stage, but I think a great symbol and a good sign that we are in a much better place than we were in 2016–2020. Is Biden perfect? No, of course not, and I have already let him know that on one issue especially I am incensed about what he is allowing to happen. However, overall, Biden is a piece of sanity and recovery from the culture of the last four years which was all about aggressive attacking and a total lack of concern for human dignity unless, of course, you will willing to worship at the feet of the man in the White House.

Meanwhile, remember this jacket?

This, in case you don’t remember, was what Melania chose to wear to the border where she was visiting children in cages. THIS was the message she believed was appropriate for that visit. See the difference? Love Vs callous lack of concern or any kind of human caring. Wow, what a difference!!!!!

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.