don’t allow trump to trick you into a sympathy vote…remember history

Let’s review history just a bit here, and then I will tell you why I think we need to worry about this projected upsurge for the winter. The best way to review the history is with the above meme which details trump’s reaction at various times over the last 3 months of the pandemic.

Notice what he was saying at various times as the pandemic got ahold of the country. Following this sordid history of denial, during which time, he had ignored reports leftover from the Obama administration on how to deal with a pandemic, he suddenly decided that it was prudent to “admit” that he knew it was a pandemic and was serious the whole time. In other words, he admitted, even bragged, that he lied to the American people. Supposedly, this was to keep us from being scared, but fear is the correct response to a pandemic that is capable in less than five months of killing over 200,000 people and possibly doing health damage to as many as 7 million others. We still don’t know about the long term damage this has done to those who have “recovered”.

Now that we have the history out of the way, let’s look at the current situation. trump, who has accused anybody and everybody who has stood against him in even the smallest of ways, of being liars and yet who admits by his own words that he lied, claims he had Covid-19 and that we “shouldn’t be afraid”. Let me just throw out there the fact that I have encountered a surprising number of people who don’t believe that he ever had a case of Covid-19. They believe that, like all the other times he has to mislead the American people, this is one more case of his lying. I tend to hope that is not true, not because I trust trump but because I like to think that the doctors at Walter Reed hospital are not so besotted with trump madness that they are lying as well.

So what do we have then? Well, although I WANT to believe that the doctors aren’t lying for trump, remember they are insisting that he is NOT out of woods, trump certainly has gotten other people to cover for him. History also shows that fact. But the very fact that Walter Reed was more or less at his disposal is something that the rest of us don’t have. So assuming he actually had a case of COVID, he had huge advantages in terms of the level of treatment.

And yet, he comes out of his illness with absolutely no concern about the rest of us. His statement is along the lines of “you shouldn’t be afraid” of Covid-19 and this is said while he is STILL not wearing a mask, knowing that he has it. Really??? All that disregard so that, like with the Bible photo op, he can strut like the “big man”. And some will insist on seeing him as a “hero” despite the fact that he has now twice endangered other people by not adhering to quarantine.

Chuckman, in one of the two blogs linked, suggests a reason why trump might indeed be faking. He may expect, and sadly enough, GET sympathy votes from some because of his supposedly “brave stand up to the pandemic and subsequent recovery”. The other one is just there to give you a taste of what a former American (left during the misbegotten Vietnam era) thinks of the antics of our country. This despite the fact that he has expressed almost zero concern for the American people and the pandemic that has already killed about 3.5 percent of those that get it, and damaged the ongoing health of who knows how many more.

And winter, flu season is on its way and a predicted second way of this pandemic that has already been unleashed in other countries. Ignore trump’s words!! As usual, they are not reliable, and could easily get you killed if you fall for it. I am now MORE worried about this upcoming second wave because once again trump and his administration have shown a shocking lack of compassion.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.