DC Metro Police getting ready for another possible Domestic Terrorist threat September 18th

A picture from Jan 6th to illustrate the danger these groups are to the nation

I thought I was going to be posting an altogether different blog today. I was going to go into my defense of Biden and his response to the game that the “former guy” tried to play to make him look bad. I was going to issue an urging to those of us who believe in the Democratic Republic and fairness and equality for ALL, and not just the select rich white guys to remember how bad things were under “former guy” and to not even consider going too hard on Biden’s choice of the two options he was faced with. I personally think he made the right decision. However, another issue was brought to my attention this morning by way of a meme on Facebook.

Now, not trusting memes on Facebook to always be accurate, I checked and found more than one site that indicated that racist groups, believers in the BIG LIE, and general supporters of “former guy” were planning another “event” in Washington DC. How I managed to miss this on August 20th when it first came to light is beyond me. To make a lie of any assertion that this is a “grassroots effort”, the leader of the planned event is no other than Matt Braynard, a former staffer for the “former guy’s” campaign.

What they are claiming is that the people that attacked the Senate on Jan 6th are being held as “political prisoners” instead of the domestic terrorists that they proved themselves to be on Jan 6th when they attacked, with violence, congress while it was trying to do the business of government. The Metro Police Force has announced clearly that is looking at gathering all possible resourses to standing against these people in any terrorist type action they try this time. First American free speech gives them the right to march, but certainly not to attack people or invade government property doing violence either to people or things. The fence that was up around the Capital may need to be re-installed.

In later information, just coming out three days ago, an additional report indicates that the two racist/domestic terrorist groups, The Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers, both extreme right-wing militia-type units are planning to be in attendance. Anybody that remembers Jan 6th, as we all should, know the anti-American tenor of the Proud Boys, and The Oath Keepers revealed themselves as possibly violent extremists with their “assistance” to Clive Bundy’s standoff against the government over public land he was trying to make his personal property.

The insurrectionists, while 500 are being investigated, have already resulted in at least 30 convictions, and justice will not be served to the American people until all those involved in that violence are behind bars as far as I am concerned. And that, by the way, includes the rabble-rousers who fueled the fire that resulted in the sedition that was committed, inspired by “former guy” from day one.

So, beware, Americans, our country may not be safe YET!!! Hopefully, Biden’s administration will stand strong and make sure this crap doesn’t continue to be a threat much longer. Gosh, six months of threat should be enough to accept from what is, in essence, a group of domestic terrorists.



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