Country Song, Bible, Comedy, and the poison we are being told is cool-aid

The attempt by the republicans to paint Franken with the same brush as Moore is Laughable in its absurdity. Franken made a HUGE mistake, there is no doubt about it. He has admitted to making the mistake and apologized.

The “joke” was not funny

But lets look at what Franken actually did for a moment. He forcibly kissed a woman that was part of his USO tour. Not good, she was right to come forward even if it had been several, even many years. I won’t say it is unforgivable because I won’t close off that possibility to anybody. However, wrong as it was, it was a sexual over-step against one woman at a time when he was a comedian, and nothing but a comedian. The “joke” was not funny, but I can see Franken thinking it was and doing it as an attempt at being funny. Once again, bad behavior, in fact extremely bad behavior and far beneath what I expected from Franken, who I admired for years. (reminder of Bill Cosby on a number of levels.)

reminder of Bill Cosby on a number of levels

But the two situations are in no way equal. It is not a matter of “both Moore and Franken did the same thing’ because that is not, indeed, the case.

So what do we have with Moore? Well, first, the other politician that he reminds me of forcibly every time i see his picture is that notorious bigot from Arizona that trump so quickly pardoned. We won’t go any further into that rabbit hole except to say that trump showed his true allegations as far as I am concerned with that pardon. He sided with bigotry and violences against minorities. Nuff said.

So again, what is Moore. First of all he, like Arpaio, is a bigot who hides behind his so-called “christian faith” to back up his hatred. His diatribes against Gays and transgender more than provides me with enough information to make that judgement. The man, basically is the very epitome of the ‘backwoods southern lawyer that has blood stains on his hands” referred to in the famous (at least to me) country song “The Night the Lights When Out in Georgia” where the judge orders an innocent man to death.

back woods country lawyer

Roy Moore starts out by being said “back woods country lawyer” and then proceeded to as statutory rape to the mix. Some try to say that the autograph was forged, or imply that his secretary might have signed it, or any number of things. However, even if the woman who hired Gloria Allred, in fact is a fake, there are still other pieces of evidence that have been discussed.

One of the girls was only fourteen when he was thirty-two. THAT is statutory rape or sexual harassment by any definition. Comparing such an even in the twentieth century to Mary and Joseph as some have done, shows that they don’t understand social morales and/or the accepted understanding of what the Joseph and Mary story is meant to show. We are not, usually unless of course it is to defend a misstep by a politician someone wants us toagree with, taught by christianity that Joseph jumped Mary’s bones.

If anything, the opposite is almost always the message we get. The idea is that Joseph was betrothed (engaged) to Mary, found out she was pregnant-not by him, and was told by God that he should not put her aside but stand by her. At no point in my lifelong exposual to christian dogma and theology have I ever been told “and Joseph thought Mary was cute and grabbed her tits and rubbed her thights”.

And what many are missing about Moore is that his “defense” is not exactly what you call airtight. In fact, so far it has been down ritchity and non-existent, if you actually listen to what he said. When asked if he were in the habit of dating teenagers when he was in his thirties, his response was “not always” or words to that affect. Then there was his defence where he said that he never went with a girl, a teen, without her mothers consent.

his “defense” is not exactly what you call airtight

I think that second one is the more upsetting to me. What kind of mother would agree to let their fourteen year old go off with a thirty year old man. I mean, I understand the girl WANTING to go, as teenages like to be seen as grown up and might,as a result, fall prey to a sexual predator, but the mother being in on it. Which brings up the corrallory question, what kind of pressure did he use on these mothersa?!!

And then, there are all the rumors that people in the town he started out in that have reporting having heard rumors about him being banned from a mall for harrassment and so forth.

So based on all the outpouring of information from Albama, and the fact that recently newspapers in the state are going up against Moore on the front page, i would say that there is no “equal’ in the two cases. Franken did something awful on that USO tour. He has apologized and it is up to the woman involved and the people of Minnesota whether he needs to suffer more for it.

Moore is a different kettle of fish altogether. The fact that he still gets support from the deep south where bigots and people that hide their sins behind a public image where they bang the Bible and try to force others into their intrepretation even though they don’t live up to their own purported standards, does not mean that the rest of the country should be subject to that vile disease. Even if republians in Alabama agree with it which is what an election of Moore would mean.

………………………..Moore is a different kettle of fish altogether

And even the deep south is beginning to reject that attitude. One example being Louisana where even the other republicans in the governor’s campaign this last time, threw their support to the democrat, Bel Edwards because the winning candidate for the republican side, David Vitter, was so repugnant. It CAN happen n the deep suuth and hopefully WILL in Alabama.


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