continuing good news for those of us that want the dangerous clown show out of the White House

(picture from The New York Times)

The good news keeps coming for the Biden team. It seems that while McConnell and some other congressional members of the administration are still siding with trump in his claims that “the vote was rigged”, many even among the Republicans are breaking away and are speaking out tell trump that he needs to concede and allow the peaceful change of the guard.

Tim Conant called out the truth by saying that those Republicans in government are afraid to anger the trump base so they are either supporting trump’s claims or staying silent. However, since there has been no evidence to support any of his wild claims, except about 5,000 votes that got missed in Georgia although they weren’t enough to change the winning tally from Biden to trump, the issue is coming to a conclusion. Even people like Liz Cheney are saying that it is time for trump to show what evidence his team has actually found or concede and do his Constitutional duty of assuring a peaceful transfer of power.

In addition, trump is getting pressure from the business community. The chief executives of 100 large businesses have sent a letter to Emily W Murphy, head of the GSA, to insist that trump needs to concede and allow the reins of government to start the process of transferring to the Biden team. The Chamber of Commerce, an iconic republican organization have also added their voice to the plea.

Earlier today, I read an article that one of the two Republican members of the 4 member board in Michigan was set to join the two democrats in certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. The latest information is that Michigan has now certified their votes and that Biden is going to receive their Electoral College votes, based on a small majority of the people of Michigan.

In addition, Georgia has also certified the election for Joe Biden. Raffebsperger, the head republican member of the state, indicated that the recount simply confirmed that the numbers did not lie and that Biden actually did win the election. He expressed sorrow but indicated that the numbers were clear. trump, of course, was still continuing to accuse the voters or counters of fraud, even after the hand recount was done. Nothing more was said about the demand that trump’s team made for a SECOND recount, which apparently would have done by simply feeding the ballots into the automatic counter anyway.

Finally, in Pennsylvania, the suit from the trump team was struck down. Judge Matthew Brann issued a statement that the suit was without merit. So, it is to be expected that shortly, if not already, we can expect Pennsylvania to join the other two states in certifying the election in Biden’s favor.

Meanwhile, Biden is slowly but surely finding and announcing who his cabinet is likely to include. But, I fear the fight is not over yet. The question is whether trump is capable of reading the writing on the wall, and will finally concede. My suspicion is that he will not. We will continue to hear lies, conspiracy theories, rants on Twitter, and every other kind of obstruction to keep the will of the people from being exercises. Much ado is made in trump world about the 72 million people that voted for trump and their voices being ignored. What about the 78 million people that voted for Biden…when will trump and his brainwashed followers realize that 78 million is a bigger number than 72 million and furthermore, 306 electorial college votes is more than 232.

It seems that trump and some republicans are only truly happy when the popular vote and the Electoral College vote show them winning. They will settle for the Electoral College if they can’t and don’t get the popular vote (as in 2016) but simply will NOT accept losing both places. If that happens, they are willing to believe the most flimsy of rhetoric denying reality.

Oh well, justice may be slow, but hopefully, it does finally happy, and that man, who is dangerous to an absurd degree, will finally be out of the White House on Jan 20, 2021. He would be wise to accept reality and go ahead and concede. But nobody that I trust has ever suggested that he is capable of wisdom, so he may have to be drug out of the White House kicking and screaming. Now that would be less than dignified statesmanship, but then trump has never shown any statesmanship to start with so it would be par for the course.

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