compromise with those who hate at least 40 percent of the nation, is simply a losing proposition…overrule the republicans don’t compromise

The article that I am linking to is a simple one talking about infrastructure and what it means and what compromise might look like, but to me, it brings home the fact that the so-called Republican party (I prefer calling them Trumpians since they are in gripes of the childish ego that was in office for the last 4 years), who have fallen into the clutches of the Nazistic trump cabal, to the point where they no longer even deserve to be called Republicans, is that ultimately, they don’t care about the American people and hate progress with a passion.

We know that they hate much of the American public because of groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys and the so-called Nationalists that are rampaging across the country in their dislike for Blacks, LGBTQ, Hispanic and Islamic persons. While rank racism has been prevalent in the United States the entire history of the nation’s existence, trump with his coddling of the Neo-Nazi and others that want to hang on to White Privilege and subjugate all “non-European” persons raised that insidious evil to a new time high.

It even got so bad, that these malcontents actually took it into their heads to rebel and attack the Capital. Whether you prefer to call that insurrection, sedition, or flat-out treason, it was a violent attack with threats leveled against those doing the people's work. That’s right, a few decided that the majority of the American people were wrong and, in essence, tried to steal the election.

Right now what is up for grabs is an infrastructure bill that could do great things for the American people, the world, and progress. Biden’s proposal was to include electrical charge stations so that we could more easily convert to electric power vehicles. That is something that we must do as soon as possible to stop polluting the atmosphere and the water with the results of the nasty fossil fuel industry. We could have had new and renewable energy by now if we hadn’t allowed ourselves to be enslaved by the big oil lobby.

Of course, the so-called GOP is a roadblock, likely because they are the party of big business and love the money from Big Oil. However, it is clear that on the popular level, there are more of US than of THEM. Coming together is not really possible anymore. They have shown themselves to be the enemy of the working and middle class so we have to WIN not “come to an agreement”. Fortunately, there are things we can do.

1.First of all, come together and vote.

2. Second of all, donate money as much as possible to those that are fighting against those who want to deny equality to minorities, whether sexual or ethnic.

3. invest in clean energy

4. when buying a vehicle, look into purchasing a hybrid at least, and if possible an electric-powered car

Now, let me tell you what I have done, personally. First of all, starting back in 2016, I think, I donated to Bernie Sander’s campaign. However, when Hilliary won out over Bernie, I compromised and voted for Hillary. Bernie was my first choice, but I realized that he wasn’t going to win since he already lost in the primary, so instead of the other option, who would never ever get my vote, I voted for Hilliary. In 2020, I was for Elizabeth Warren over even Bernie because I felt, with her wealth tax, she explained even better than he how to pay for the improvements needed. When Biden won, he became my compromise vote.

What I am saying is that I prefer more progressive candidates, when when it is moderate Democrat plus racist Trumpian, I will go with moderate Democrat with hopes that the party will move them somewhat to the left. As I think the party has with Biden.

Second, I donate, even now, to democrats whenever I felt I have enough money to spare regardless of where they are located. I donated small amounts of money to both the democratic senators in Georgia. I was proud to be even a tiny, tiny part is making sure that Georgia had two decent Senators who actually care about the people of the state and country.

Finally, on the level of energy, remember the stimulus packages. There were three of those coming close to 3200 dollars in total. Every penny of that was put into an innovative company that is working toward alternative, renewable energy. I was fortunate in that I had a union where I worked. Due to that union, I had a decent income with benefits, that continue to subsidize my health care even today, seven years after retirement. So, with that, medicare, and Social Security, my daily needs are met and I was able to invest in things that would help to counter the fossil fuel lobby’s grip on American technology.

While it is certainly true that many people can’t afford to take some of the steps that I have taken, there are those that can, and even many who can do more. It behooves us, that care about the environment, to take the actions that we can, both politically and economically.

I will say, that I now drive a 2012 Chrevelot Malibu, but if I EVER get another car, I will make sure that it is a hybrid, or preferably a totally electric, which is to say no need to donate money to Big Oil on my part anymore, car. If that is not possible, I will get the highest mileage per gallon that I can find. I actually now resent every penny I have to pay at the gas pump…as we should be free of this monopoly by now.

In the meantime, I urge Biden to compromise as is needed to get all of the Democrats in line and then try to bypass the roadblocks put up by the Trumpians. And in 2022, hopefully, the Democratic party will improve the majority. I realize it will take some big wins to convince some to vote Democratic, but surely bigotry and discrimination will not win the day and at some point right will win out and progress and human rights will once more be center stage. At least Biden has the right mindset to actually help “We the People.” That is a huge improvement over the last four years for sure but hopefully, we can do even better.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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