Comey, and conservatives turning on the liar in the white house

Boy, have we been conned!!!! Something like 46 percent of the voters in the United States actually bought that the man who had cheated his way into a financial empire, or at least made us THINK he had one, would actually be a man who could preform the job of President. Forty-six percent of the American voters were either racists or naive.

I have no idea what the percentage of each was but I know that those two categories are the two that apply. Those who STILL support this crook are the most stubbornly ignorant or racists.

I understand why the racists support trump. After all, like Hitler, he came to power demonizing Mexicans as rapists and murders, and followers of Islam as all being terrorists. He picked two brown skin people to scapegoat for all our problems, and racist white people ate it up. Anybody that David Duke endorses is problematic automatically and David Duke endorced trump…so what does THAT tell you?

Now he is trying to spin Cohen’s testimony that trump was involved in a business deal with Russia during the campaign as being unimportant “even if true” Follow the money, folks!!!! His engaging in a money issue with Russia goes to the heart of the reason for the investigation. First of all, he should have put his business into a blind trust at minimum, and giving it to his sons doesn’t fit the bill, cause we all know that neither son 1 or son 2 would ever do anything without trumps ok.

James Comey, rightly says, that until trump, the American people actually seemed to value the truth. We held the men in the White House to their words. Yes, Bush Jr lied about WMD in Iraq, and Obama was wrong in stating that you could alwys keep your doctor under the ACA, but we as a nation called them both on those mistatements and expected the truth. Not any more.

trump lies and lies and lies about lying, and says he never said a certain thing when we have him on record as saying exactly that. His supporter don’t ever seem to notice. They certainly don’t hold him accountable. But the rest of us do. And don’t give me the “don’t take his words literally, but take them seriously.” I have already written in past articles about what a croke that is. A true statement would be taken both seriously and literlly. If trump says something that is not to be taken literally, it is not to be taken seriously either.

Those statements are what you call LIES. He changed his story about why he fired Comey, for example. Now either one or the other was true. The other one was a lie!!! And one of them was also an indication that he was engaged in Obstruction of Justice. And yes, despite his lies about it, even a president can be guilty of such…just as he can be guilty of lying, stealing and being a traitor. I know the first and second are true, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the third was as well. He seems to believe and respect Saudi Arabia (the country that grew the 9–11 terrorists by the way) and Russia more than he does anybody in the United States judging by his rhetoric.

It has even gotten so bad that a conservative has indicated that she thinks trump has an escape plan. She indicates that he will resign right before Pence leaves the VP job, so that Pence can pardon him.

I hope that some of the states go after him…so that like Manafort and others, he CAN’T be given a presidential pardon. That will nip that little manipulation in the bud and maybe I will get to see him in an orange jumpsuit yet!!!!

And that, my friends, would be a very happy day in my life. It would mean that Justice had finally been done after the disaster of the last two plus years where truth was made rare from the Oval office.

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