Cohen is just the beginning for the House…hmmm, does trump intend to make sure that Obama really was the last president?

First of all, unlike what many have tried to say on the republican side, Cohen did NOT say that he didn’t think trump was involved with conspiracy to commit collusion with Russia. He said he personally did not have direct knowledge of said ploy. He went on to say that he had strong suspections and that Don Jr came in and whispered to his father a meeting. trump told his son to keep him informed. Cohen said that to him (and to me by the way) that implied at least that trump himself was totally aware of the meeting with Russian officials to “get bad information on Hillary”. The famous meeting that was supposedly about abortion of Russian orphans.

What that means is now the House is looking to call in Don Jr and Ivanka and have them testify before the committees to see what they knew and when they knew it. This is important as Cohen said, trump is such a hands on guy, and wants his will followed so completely that it is unlikely that his children would do much of anything on their own in his name. So if Don Jr met with Russians, it was very likely with the knowledge and approval of the guy in the oval office.

In addition, remember that trump Foundation that was closed down by New York last year. Well, Cohen blew the whistle with testimony about trumps use of that as a slush fund. In particular a painting of himself that nobody seemed to want to buy, got “bought” by a fake purchaser and reimbursed by trump out of the Foundation funds. All for trumps inflated ego. But you see, buying your own painting is not charity.

Maxine Waters is leading the march on investigating the trump Foundation, which is long overdue as far as I am concerned. trump has been known as a con-man in NYC for years, and they know him best having had to tolerate his abuse in the past.

Now for those that think that Cohen is lying, time will tell. But there is no question that he has incentive not to support the man in the white house. He is already headed for jail for 2–3 years. It would obviously behoove him not to do a Manafort or Roger Stone trick and make things worse for him. Documentation is key here, and obviously needs to be weighted judiciously but I think we are seeing the crack in the mobster type control trump wields over his people. More and more seem to be coming out from under his influence.

Then in other news, trump has decided once more to believe the words of dictator over his own people. Yes, this time it is Kim Jung-Un. Remember last time, it was Putin that he was quoting to refute the intelligence communities reports. Why is this man so addicted to siding with dictators about the people of his own country and those of our erstwhile allies in the West?

Perhaps, Cohen gave us a clue about that also. Remember when trump yelled and screamed about not trusting the election process? He claimed it was rigged for Hillary. Then, as it turned out, there is more and more hints that maybe it was rigged….but for him.

Cohen indicated that he has his doubts of whether trump will allow a peaceful transfer of power if somebody else wins. Well, trump has already shown his lack of respect and trust in the American voting process. It strikes me as entirely possible that trump would discredit an election that he did not win.

And some on the right kept saying that Obama might just be the last president of the United States. They were trying to imply that Obama wouldn’t allow for a peaceful transfer. Obviously he did, and with good grace. But there is another way that Obama could end up being the last American president. If trump refuses to give up the office, that would certainly make him not a president but a dictator. Thereby, making Obama the last of the presidents.

I’m trying not to be an alarmist, but we need to hope and pray that the military is not so in line with trump that they would allow any attempt to take over on his part. They would, after all, have to back him up to keep him in office at that point. Let’s hope the country hasn’t lost enough heart and soul to allow THAT to happen.

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