Biden’s diverse cabinet, a move in the right direction with a most important choice of all, John Kerry

(picture from CNN)

Biden has sworn to “make the cabinet look like the nation” and based on the 24 nominees he has placed forward, he is striving in that direction. Never doubt that is a good thing for America. It is past time that we move beyond old white men (and an occasional woman) to a cabinet that represents who we really are, and aspire to be, as a nation in our best hearts.

Looking at just the gender barrier, for example, we see that 11 out of the 24 proposals he has listed, with a few more to go, are women. While that is slightly less than half, it is a good step toward having truly an equal situation as to gender. With five positions still not picked yet, we have at least one more woman that might join that roster, Sally Yates as Attorney General.

In terms of ethnicity, based on the pictures provided on the website, we have four or five African Americans, one or two Hispanics, and a member of an Indigenous American tribe. This is obviously not exactly a ratio to ratio take on diversity as some of the labels overlap with at least two Black women, however, I think Biden should get points for effect.

And finally in what may be one of the two most impressive choices is Pete Buttigieg as the proposed Secretary of Transportation. This choice means the criteria of reaching across the range of Democratic candidates for this election to one of the more popular of the candidates, therefore, sealing a former adversary as an ally, it also is an LGBTQ representative on the Cabinet in a prominent position. This is another good move for the idea of “the cabinet looking like the country that Biden has promised he would strive for.

Of course, there are divergent groups within the Democratic party and the Republicans to throw obstacles up, but those are his proposals as of right now. Some may be eliminated and if their merits, or lack thereof, suggest that is a good idea, then they should be. However, it is to be hoped that something of the same configuration will be possible. But there is one that will not be in question that is the most important choice of all.

Biden has announced that John Kerry will be his Envoy for Climate. Now, my concern is not really WHO has this position but that it now exists, or will very quickly under the Biden administration. It is, from what I see on the site, a position that is to be chosen and installed by the President without applying to Congress. That is good and signals, along with Deb Haaland, that our nation is moving away from the climate abusive policy of the previous four years to one that might just bring us back into worldwide efforts to protect our home planet from abuse by the out of control industrial elements. Whether that includes a rejoining of the Paris Accord or another similar effort, our environment is our most important resource.

All in all, I truly think that the efforts being made by Biden should end the hatred and at least return the bigots to the sidelines where they rightly belong, instead of being encouraged from the White House, but move the country and the world in the right direction.

Here’s hoping!!!! Biden, do your thing and succeed as much as possible. The nation and to some extent perhaps even the world, are depending on you.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.