Biden still has many more votes that trump..despite the suggestions coming from the conspiracy theory believers

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4 min readNov 20, 2020


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Ok, we all know that trump is refusing to concede. According to him, the United States citizenry can’t be trusted to vote…and certainly not in their own self-interest. I would suggest that the evidence to support that theory just might be in there in that enough people in the rights states (mind you, the popular vote was over 3 million more for Hillary) that trump managed to get into office.

The fact is that Hillary would have likely been better at the job on a bad day than trump has been on his best day. The division he has nurtured and empowered is on a par never before pushed by the top office of the country. Hate groups have marched in the streets with anti-Jewish, anti-Arab, anti-immigrant hatred from day one encouraged by the trump administration.

And now, four years later, trump is still spreading hatred and voter fraud rumors in order to make Americans not trust our own government and believe that no vote is good unless it is a vote for trump. Well, I know my vote was valid, and it certainly wasn’t for trump. Of course, I believed him when he told us via his speeches who he was, and just enough others realized it this time and voted against this elitist filled band of crooks.

And the Great State of Georgia is the one first on the list of trump attacks because of their voting. A Biden victory in Georgia has to be because it was rigged, so say the trump supporters. They are busy celebrating the fact that 5000 voters were found that had not been counted spread across two counties. This is being heralded as the end of the Biden majority. Really??? The state as a whole showed at the beginning 14000 more votes for Biden than for trump.

But let’s look at what is really going on with those 5,000 votes. The first thing we need to take in is that those 5000 votes were missed, missed not a case of fraud as in credited to the wrong person which is what trump is implying when he says “voter fraud”. There is also no indication that those votes were illegally done.

There are actually two countries that have had some votes not counted. The first was Floyd County which apparently hadn’t remembered 2600 votes on a memory call. The result of that count was that trump won by 800 votes. That is 800 of the 14,000 difference. That leaves us with 13,200 more votes for Biden. Floyd is a small conservative county.

The second county is Fayette County. There the total votes missed were 2755 with trump getting 1577 and Biden getting 1128. That is at most 450 votes. This leaves the official vote spread in Georgia 12,929 more votes for Biden than for trump. In case the math is unclear that means that Georgia still goes for Biden. 1100 votes are not enough to turn the tide and get those Electoral College votes for trump.

Those figures have been agreed to by the Secretary of State for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger. Mr. Raffensperger is a Republican, interestingly enough. So, I think that pretty much tells us that even some Republicans are waking up to the facts of the case.

I agree with those that say that every legal vote needs to be counted, but I don’t subscribe to the same “trump only votes to be counted” philosophy that trump seems to subscribe to. The fact is that in Georgia, over 17,000 people have died because the state went along with trump’s policy of ignoring Covid-19 for too much of the time. Voters in the state woke up and didn’t like what they saw.

But then, that started at least by 2018, when the Republicans ran a man with a sexual assault record for the Senate, and they voted for the Democrat instead. Southerners are not universally gullible, and after a while, they smell what the cook is cooking, and trump is a cook that is whipping up hatred and racism at a rate unseen in modern American history while doing as little as humanly possible for those needing a safety net in a shaky economy.



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