Believe it not Jan 6th could have been worse and why the toxic trump legacy needs to be called out for what it is

(picture from Politico article linked below)

Don’t get me wrong, the events of January 6th were horrible. Perhaps a better word would be criminal. However, it does seem to have also been the day when the trump denial of his defeat was finally routed. After the violence that trump inspired by his rhetoric, even many Republicans decided that enough was enough. No less a trumper than Lindsay Graham was moved to finally say “count me out”. One of the two Republican candidates for the Senate decided after the riot that she could no longer stand on the side of trump. The simple facts are, however, that trump kept our country torn up with his refusal to concede the election when not only the popular vote but the Electoral College went to Biden and the states and even the courts confirmed that win. After the roil fallout, it took very little time to confirm Biden, which is why I say it could have been worse.

trump is simply constitutionally unable to accept defeat so the only thing that he “could” do was try to steal the election by rhetoric. Interestingly enough, the very thing that he accused Biden of doing. Meanwhile, it is thought by some Republican leadership that trump’s rhetoric managed to endanger the party as well, by turning off the Republicans in Georgia to the point where some of them didn’t vote, allowing the Senate to get enough to divide that house equally. Personally, I prefer to believe that the real reason they won is that the new, more kindly, and less racist South is rising up even in Georgia and that Georgians didn’t want two ultra-rich Senators who were both thought to be guilty of insider trading, especially off the Covid-19 crisis.

The fallout is still coming in with several advisors and assistant advisers resigning from the administration, including DeVos and Elaine Chao. In addition, apparently, a total of five died, one policeman and four others and something like 82 persons arrested either by the city police or the capital police.

But are there some hardcore “still trumpers” out there that continue to believe the most outrageous of conspiracy theories instead of long-established news sources with solid reputations? It doesn’t take much looking to realize that the answer to that question is yes. Hopefully, there are fewer of these naive and easily convinced persons than there were a short time ago, but we will see in time.

So how do they “defend” trump? Well, the most popular idea seems to be that trump couldn’t have caused this violence because all the violence was done by alleged ANIFA (the fall guy for every time the other side loses their collective minds) persons, even when the woman who got shot during the invasion of the Capital was revealed as a member of Qanon and being a trumper.

The Democrats will have a chance to make things better, but only if the nation isn’t further disrupted by violence brought on by trump and his followers. So they petitioned Pence, who had already gone with the Constitution rather than the personality by simply doing his job and counting the votes, to use clause 25 to declare trump incompetent, and/or unfit for office, get the cabinet members to agree to that, and put trump on the sidelines. The other option is for the House to vote for impeachment or Censure.

I believe something needs to be done. It is amazing watching people who thought that shooting peaceful demonstrators was perfectly alright, now think that any legal option against a man who inspired an actual riot and takeover of the Capital itself, is outside the pall. However, the House is prepared to vote on Impeachment as early as the middle of next week. If it passes, trump will be the first person in history to be impeached twice. If it fails, it will most likely mean that the Republicans stopped it on a party-line vote. Either way, the stench that is the trump legacy will be tarnished.

As I said on another blogger's page, I would prefer he spend a bit of time in jail for promoting an insurrection, but the other blogger felt that trump was seriously mentally challenged. I would not want a mentally ill person in prison. However, I certainly don’t want him to get near a seat of power ever again.

I look forward to the day when trump is no longer an element of concern and I can use this blog for the purpose of supporting Biden in doing what needs to be done to bring this country back to a more gentle, kind, and friendly place but first we have to survive the next 12 days. It will be a bit less difficult since Facebook has decided to ban trump and his propaganda and Twitter are watching his account with a fine-tooth comb. (as the old saying goes)

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.