as the selfish anti-vaxxers seem to win in court, those of us who care need to figure out our way of protecting ourselves and our future

Recently, a benighted judge ruled against Biden’s efforts (hopefully this will be reversed by another court that is more concerned about life than about some rant about a so-called “freedom” to serve as a carrier to other innocent persons)to save the lives of many Americans by issuing a vaccine mandate. Just as in years past, the Polio epidemic was stopped by the vaccine, as were several other horrible illnesses, we now have vaccines that should prevent most of us from getting this new horrible and deadly virus.

However, because some so-called “conservative” judges agree with the “my personal freedom is more important than other people’s life” attitude of the anti-vaxxers, we are having trouble getting the safety measure that is most likely to save our lives mandated as a part of the responsibility that the government has for health and safety.

While I have certainly been vaccinated, including the booster shot, I still have concerns because now there is a new strain that is reported to be quicker to mutate and spread. The more this pandemic mutates, the quicker it will be that once more, people will be dropping like flies again. As we know the summer and early fall of 2021 was as bad, maybe even worst than the earlies spike. Nothing is to say how bad the next one will be, but the people that are unvaccinated are particularly likely to serve as the new vector from th new, more virulent, strain.

While now, there is a restaurant in this city, Appleby’s that requires proof of vaccination each and every time you enter. I gladly show them my card at the door. The only other restaurants I go to, besides drive-ins where I wear a mask while at the window, are a couple where I wear a mask on entry and anytime I move around. I also go during slow times so there will be fewer people in the restaurant that might just have a new variant.

I am all for a new system where we, who have been vaccinated, are kept safe from those who refuse to do what is right for their own health and for the health of their neighbors. Anybody that refuses to get the vaccine, in my not so humble opinion, is fine with causing health concerns for their neighbor, which means they are NOT a good neighbor and are unworthy of our continued tolerance. Now, bear in mind there are SOME people who have allergies or some ailments that make getting the shots problematic. Those people should be given a pass, but anybody that is healthy and has no such issues needs to get the vaccine, or those of us that have done our duty, have even right to curtail physical contact with them in any way we can for our own health concerns.

Most of the businesses seem to be focused on their employees, but personally, I think it should be expanded to customers as well. While I have boycotted one of my favorite restaurants for close to a year because one of their employees admitted to me that she was not vaccinated, all I have done thus far is stay away from crowds where I suspect there might be people who are unvaccinated.

I resent those selfish anti-vaxxers who think their personal “freedom” is paramount and more important than my life, and ability to socialize or have any freedom at all. As the saying goes “your freedom is total until it comes up against MY freedom”. At this point, the anti-vaxxers are touting a line that “my freedom is more important than your life” therefore forcing me to keep wearing masks, staying at home, etc in order to protect myself.

I would love a directory where businesses could be screened for their attitude about the vaccine. Something like 25 percent of businesses imposed a mandate in their business requiring their employees to be vaccinated as of September 30th. Unfortunately, the article that reported that didn’t give a list of those businesses. The report from NBC however listed a few. Among them are Delta, Amtrak, American Express, Anthem, Cisco, CVS Health (especially meaningful since they are all about health), and several more. There are not enough, and we don’t know for sure if any of these companies will renege on their dedication to public health in the future. We need, as consumers who ARE concerned, to do all we can to discourage any defections.

What we need, as the population who understand that pandemics throughout modern history have always been stopped by vaccinations, and this latest pandemic should be no exception. If we, the concerned, with the businesses that still want OUR business to come together, then the anti-vaxxers will be forced to either get with the program or find other businesses that will cater to their selfish rejection of healthcare.

I think it is also about the time that serious consideration is given to not letting these malcontents bog our health service down. As cold as it might sound, at some point, selfish disregard of the preventive measures that are readily available just might mean, when they get it, they don’t get to go in front of those who have actually done their duty and gotten the vaccine.




68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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Left Wisdom

Left Wisdom

68 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.

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