are the American voters smart enough to read the signs and vote evil and stupidity out of the White House?

I remember in class studying Nazi Germany. Every student that was paying attention asked the same question. How did the German people get so blind, so angry that they allowed a mad man, a crook, a nasty racist, to get control of their nation? After all, the German people had a long history and had worked their way to being a great nation and yet they fell for the hate-filled rhetoric of a con man. We, in the United States, collectively shook our heads in puzzlement and sighed with sorrow over this example of the lack of vision of an entire nation.

Yet, this great nation, the United States, in 2016 allowed a con man who used hatred and bigotry and appealing to humanity’s worst instincts to get himself into the highest office in the country. Not only that, but there are still somewhere between 35 and 50 percent of the American voters that will tell you if pushed, that they will once again, in 2020, even after seeing the disaster that trump has wrought, go to voting precincts across this sadly less “great” nation and vote for the same evil man to continue to remain in that office that until 2016 at least, had a certain degree of respect around the world.

Just as in the 1940s, the world looked at, in dismay, as the German people catered and were complicit in the bigotry and downright inhumanity of the Nazi regime as led by Adolph Hitler, in our day, we are being looked at to see if we, in the United States, will come to our senses collectively. The alternative is that we will go down the same path that Nazi Germany did in the 1930s and 1940s and become a nation that lost its way. The follow-on question is whether we will be able to save ourselves in 2020, or will continue to slide into tyranny.

How, as in the reasons, why this atrocity happened is a bit confusing to be sure. By allegory, we can only suspect that once again Nazi Germany might be our guide in answering that question. What apparently happened there was that many people were hurting economically and the Nazis managed to convince enough people that “it was those others” that was the problem. Somehow, Germany would be “great again” if only those Jews, Polish, and other unclean folks were removed from any civil liberties or acceptance. Many saw the danger of which a philosophy but the anger caused by conditions after World War I were upsetting up that people bought into.

By allegory, it would appear that bigots have managed to convince many White Americans that those others…be they Hispanic, Black, Muslim, or LGBT having equal rights in the “land of the free, home of the brave” is somehow hurting them. That somehow their right to discriminate being removed was a valid right that was a threat, not only to them personally, but to the nation.

But let’s look at just how bad things have gotten:

1. the intelligence community reports that Russia interfered with the election, trump denies it and takes the side of the leader of Russia instead

2. he attacks a reporter with a disability, making fun of him in the most inhumane way

3. he uses personally demeaning comments about women, in particular using their appearance as the disqualifying on an ongoing basis

4. he accepts an endorsement from David Duke of all people, claiming later that he doesn’t know who the arguably best known KKK style racist in the nation is when taken to task for that

5. tries to see that “there are good people on both sides” is a valid response when a neo-nazi deliberately kills a peaceful protestor in Charlottesville

6. Ignores and downplays Covid-19, probably the worst pandemic since the flu of 1918 A virus that we are now getting reports just might be something one can get over and over…like the common cold.

5. insults our allies, like Germany, England, and France, not to mention Canada, and praises long time adversaries like Russia and North Korea

6. tries to undo all environment safety features, unleashing Corporate America to lay the planet to waste and destruction for “the almighty dollar” despite the horrible health risks around the world and particularly in the nation itself.

7. refusal to submit to Congressional oversight or budget authority

And on a personal level:

1. Used the office to benefit himself and his friends by allowing his spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway, to use it as a platform for building up Ivanka’s private business…an effort that failed, by the way, I saw with no little relief

2. used campaign funds to pay off porn stars to keep them silent about “alleged affairs” …the alleged is only there because that is politically what is said, why would anybody ever pay off, if there was no truth in the rumor?

3. And then let's talk about the tell-all books that have come out, starting with Omarosa and continuing the individuals including in the trump family itself. These are the people that know him best and therefore are in a position to tell us what it is really like trying to deal with the egomaniac.

All of this ends, of course, in tax breaks that the extremely wealthy benefits from more than anybody else that are supposed to help the people. However, they don’t really. They created massive debt and shortfall while leaving the working class with a small short term break, but susceptible to renewed threats to things like Social Security and Medicare because so much was redirected into the pockets of the richest not only in the nation but investors around the world. The theory that money would “trickle-down” once more has been proved to be the lie that it has always been, but even more so in the days of automation and consolidation.

Now, we have Covid-19 that trump refused to recognize, and continues to downplay in his desire for self-aggrandization and power. As a result, almost 200,000 people have died, and more have suffered immeasurable health damages, some not even known to their full extent yet. He is still suggesting that children should just go back to school as though nothing is wrong even when experts are warning against that.

But I think the story that illustrates the pure lack of common sense exhibited by the trump supporters, after all the horrors he has been party to over the last three, almost four years, is the disinfection debacle. Just recently, it has been released that in Texas alone, somewhere between 46 and 50 people have been rushed to the hospital after drinking disinfection to protect or cure them of Covid-19. This is AFTER repeated warnings that doing so is very very dangerous. These people refuse to listen to what even the creators and distributors of those products are telling them, in order to follow the “trump cure”.

Just how blind and self-destructive has the American public gotten, and when will they finally walk up to the wrongheaded, and yes, I will say downright EVIL that this man represents and vote for somebody with at least a modicum of common sense and decency.

Sadly, now even Melania seems to be seeing through his many lies, of course, that is only privately. It may or may not be true, but it would certainly fit in with all the other reports from people that really know the man and family and how they operate. You see those that know him best, you know people that live in New York City, his sister and his niece, in particular, are the ones that dislike and distrust him most. That should tell us something, America. Are we still smart enough to listen? Or, have we become too programmed by bigotry and conspiracy theories?

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.