………and when they came for us, there was nobody to stand up

The title should be remembered by those who remember history as the close to, or last phrase of the lament about the blindness that led to the Nazi atrocities. The sad results of the blindness then was the death of millions, both Jews, members of the LGBT community and other nationalities like Pole. It is rightly seen as one of the worst evils of the 20th century.

I would have thought that we, especially here in the United States, would have learned our lesson from the Nazi thing,. However, in 2016, almost half the voting population ignored the warning signs when a corrupt businessman turned politician was allowed to win an election for the highest office of the country.

And sadly, we the voters had plenty of warning. We knew he was the one that championed the “birther” movement which accused, falsely, Obama of not being a citizen. He was also the one who falsely claimed that thousands of Muslim in New Jersey rejoiced when 9–11 resulted in the twin towers going down. He was only a person that we knew was a “p**y-grabber” by his own admission on tape. So women would not be respected by him.

But it went further than that. He also tried to sell the narrative that somehow the election was rigged and that he would only accept the outcome if he won. A threat was laid out there, that he would contest the outcome of the election. Of course, now we have evidence that HE was the one getting help from external sources, whether he can be proven to have known about it or not.

I remember clearly saying at the time, that any politician passing themselves off as “populist” and was demonizing one group of people would eventually enlarge the circle of who was defined as “the enemy” to shore up any threat of losing their rabid support. trump started by scapegoating hispanic Immigrants and Muslims for all the problems of the country. Both are groups of people most often fleeing from horrible treatment wanting to make a better life for themselves, but in trumps narrative they are the evil hordes at the gate trying to destroy the country.

That was the beginning. And true to my prediction, he has only added to the list since. The free media was one such target where he has suggested putting media that tells things he wants to be able to deny, out of business. That is an active attack on the Constitution, a document he claims to want to abide by.

But there have still been more. His attacks on democrats, especially the 4 that are of minority populations has been vicious. In fact, he attacks in the rudest way anybody who stands up to him. That is not the behavior of a president, but rather of a dictator determined to eliminate anybody who disagrees with him.

But now, we see another move on his efforts to destroy the civil rights advantages gotten over the last 30–50 years. This time, he is trying to destroy the hard-fought-for equal rights measures finally gotten for the LGBTQ community. Oh, this is not the first attack. His first attack was was when, on an apparent whim, he decided that no transgendered person, even those that were serving honorably at the time, should be allowed in the military. This was followed by one of his supposedly possible “jokes” about maybe they would define transgendered out of existence.

Now, we are faced with a State Department in the hands of the man in the White House creating a commission to study civil rights through the lens of “Natural Law”. So what is that? It is the presumed law of nature that politically is used by right wingers, of both the religious and politician variety, to say that the United States should base their civil liberties on what is defined as being what nature intended.

Now the right wing Christians are all atwitter, as they see this undoing the marriage equality bill, since according to their believe, the Bible, which purportedly presents what nature says, doesn’t clearly advocate that everybody has the right to have their relationships recognized equally by the government. But remember, those who are complacent, the Bible was also used to justify slavery and the killing of millions of indigent populations not ony here in what is now the United States but across the world.

“Natural Law” is one of the biggest farces ever. It is full of contradictions and misunderstandings. Never a part of what Jesus himself had to say, it is based on the writings of Paul. Paul, while being very open and even liberal about accepting gentiles into the faith, was still a man of his time. He was a zealot who converted from being a Jewish zealot to being a Christian one. In addition, he was subject to all the lack of knowledge about the nature of humanity as revealed by science as anybody in that same era.

And finally, he was a creature of his day in assuming that “most people do this” translated into “nature mandates that all people do this”. That is not a valid statement. But the more important part is that we do not live in a theocracy. We live in a representative republic based on democratic values. That country is set up with the idea that all “men” are created equal and should be allowed to live their lives as they feel necessary.

The horrible truth is that no “natural law” will give anybody one single right unless the government of the area in which you live confirms and acknowledges that right.

I have two warning signals here:

1. the LGBTQ community needs to rally against this attack. Why are we not, en masse, in the streets protesting this attempt at sending us back to the horrible 1940’s and 1950’s when we were literally hounded to death??? (sadly I know of people in the communities who actually voted for this evil man)

2. This is a message to Native Americans and Afro-Americans. The government that comes after the LGBTQ community can enlarge their circle of hate again and come after you as well. Don’t be complacent. Remember the use the right wing Christians have had for the Bible over the years.

I keep telling myself that surely, we have woken up as a society and know the evil we are dealing with in the current administration. We have a group of people currently in power that will do anything to keep that power, and will threaten and demonize anybody and everybody that they think will create enough hatred to keep their paws on the pulse of enough people to remain in power.

Things went in a bad direction in 2016 when hatred of Muslims, Hispanics and Hillary allowed a crooked con-man who is the consummate bully to get into the White House. The danger has grown every day since, and I can’t see how it can get much worse. But trust me, with trump, there is always a way for it to get worse.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE before we really do descend into being the re-incarnation of Nazi Germany. Oh, and even more frightening, perhaps, is the fact that this has been going on for around 3 months now…since May.

the first article the one that I came across that tipped me off to this newly uncovered horror)


66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.