Abortion update post gutting of Roe Vs Wade

Ahhh, those activist Judges!!!

That is the lament we get every time liberty and equality under the law is upheld — truly for all. oh, the conservatives are fine, even ecstatic when the supposed right is to carry guns into every public venue. Basically, they are perfectly willing to allow anybody and everybody to have weapons of mass destruction (which are actually what AK-15s are). But a PERSONAL decision like abortion or who you live, these people want to be decided by the government.

That is basically what the Supreme Court did when they overturned Roe Vs Wade. They turned the decision over to the individual states, where local prejudice and biases would rule. In a truly free nation where persons have personal responsibility and make the PERSONAL decisions that affect them, no government authority should be able to mandate such an issue. After all, abortion is a personal manner between the woman who is pregnant, her doctor, and her “higher being” or God or whatever she believes or doesn’t believe in terms of a higher being. She is the one that will end up PERSONALLY having to figure out what to do if she is sick or in vast poverty and can not deal with a (or another) child at this point in her life. Unlike the rampant distribution of guns, especially military guns, abortion really IS a personal issue.

The Supreme Court used the ridiculous claim of ‘’original intent” to justify the striping away of a woman’s right to choice on the national level. Ironically the “original intent” of guns in every hand was that state militia was in the place of a standing army and therefore a well-regulated militia was required to keep the peace. Not true today, as we went with a standing army, and the individuals running around “popping a cap” in crowds are NOT a militia — state or well-regulated. They are “free for all” purveyors of potential violence.

For women or friends of women that find themselves concerned about the situation of abortion across the country, there are currently 17 states where abortion is actually protected. In fact, as of this past election, there are three (3) that have been added to that list. Vermont, Michigan, and California all three amended their state constitution to ensure the right to abortion if that be the needs of the woman involved. In addition, there are five (5) states where there is no law protecting the woman who gets an abortion, but they are still available.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, I am also of a potentially oppressed demographic. Yes, we are another group that the so-called “party of personal freedom and responsibility” like to see deprived of our rights to live our lives by our inner guidance rather than by a freedom-restricting law that discriminates rather than affirms equality for all under the law of the land. As a result, I see myself being in alliance with all other groups that are having their rights removed, including the right of women to choose with the decision including abortion is the choice that is in their self-interest.

As a result, I am checking with my representation in my very blue district to see if there is a way to get a referendum to extend women’s right to choose back in this matter. The fact is that if we really believe in rights for all, and that personal responsibility is king, then that should apply to all PERSONAL issues. Abortion is a personal issue unless the government wants to guarantee the safe and happy upbringing of the child. The irony is that the draconian member of the Supreme Court that was so eager to strip away this federally granted right (a right that I insist was consistent with the Constitution), also is threatening access to birth control.

Go to the link below to find that list of 22 states that have availability of abortion now. If you are in one of the states that have taken it upon itself to law remove your legal freedom of choice, here are some options. If you are in this position, I recommend you look at the link. See which state is closest to you and hopefully, you can find one close enough.

I would give a list of the states, but there is probably change going on even as we speak. Hopefully, the list will be updated and there will be a state that is close enough to you for a “short vacation”. If not, I suggest fighting to get a referendum in your state to improve your access to freedom. And don’t accept the “religious” argument. That is not a proper reason for limiting the freedom of people. We are NOT a theocracy and no one religion can impose itself on others that are not part of their belief system. That is definitely unconstitutional. The fact that they try to get away with it, is precisely why the right is so abhorrent to me.

Why do I suddenly feel like I am a tiny part of a new underground railroad? (chuckle)



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