A first sign of action against the insurrectionists of Jan 6th by the DOJ

Picture from his confirmation hearing

Well, I admit it, I have been one that has been getting more and more impatient at the apparent lack of attention to the extremists that tried to steal the election from Biden on Jan 6th by staging a violent attack on the Capitol. No, there is not enough evidence available to the public yet, in my opinion, but we seem to be moving toward some action against them.

First of all, the so-called “shaman” has been given 51 months. While that is not enough, it is signs that the table has turned and that the DOJ and law enforcement in general might be paying attention to this outrage against our democratic republic. But late last week, an even better event occurred.

Merrick Garland and the DOJ charged Bannon, the right-wing extremist involved in such things as Breitbard and the so-called “white nationalist” (which I have long insisted is just a rebrand for pure old White Supremacy…or in other words, RACISM) movement for two counts of contempt for his refusal to answer to subpoenas rendered by the House of Republicans in their oversight function.

This sends a clear signal that even Bannon is not above the rule of law. It is also a sign that perhaps even Trump will eventually be seen as not above the rule of law despite his continuing efforts to so define himself. Sadly, I guess we DIDN’T learn that lesson with Nixon’s criminal case since Ford pardoned him and he didn’t have to pay the price of his involvement in a plot to break into his political opponent's offices to try and smear the Democrats. Sadly, although congress, both parties, refused to condone his behavior, they didn’t actually punish it so no precedent was actually created for “even the one in the office of the president” is not above the law.

I, personally, have been active in petitioning the administration to move against the insurrectionists of Jan 6th as the criminals that they were and are, including their leader, Trump himself who encouraged that violence the very morning of the event. This is, at least, a move toward that possibility, and I am elated to see it. It is in the “birthing” stage but perhaps we as a nation will arrive at the right place if we stay the course we are on now.

Let’s hope and work with our representatives to achieve justice in our country and truly establish that NOBODY, no matter what their title is above the law.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.