1st post of the new year….Roberts warns us about Fake News

We know that the Senate is going to either have to conduct a trial of the impeachment charges or tell us why. And if they conduct one, Chief Justice Roberts will be the spearhead for conducting that trial. It is interesting, in light of that, that he has taken the step to explain that we need to be careful about reading conspiracy theories and determining the truth about the man in the White House.

Now, I can hear some right wingers saying that he is actually cautioning us about “fake news” as they call it, coming out of the mainstream media. I suspect the real danger, however, is from the lockstep media that likes to congratulate trump on every exploit, and nasty comment that he utters. They back him up in his many lies and distractions. If I talk about fake news, I mean Fox Commentators, Breitbart and such yellow journalism as American Thinker, which is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the current White House.

Roberts went further to say that we do not have “Obama judges” or “trump judges”. What we actually should have is judges who evaluate the evidence and the spirit of the Constitution as well as the rule of law in making a decision. Of course, trump responded by saying that the judges are “Obama judges” and apparently wants us to believe that their blocking of his many un-Constitution acts is because they are partisan rather than because his attempts were, quite frankly, un-Constitutional.

When I say his acts are un-Constitutional, let me clarify the types of actions that I mean. First of all, his Arab ban was an over-reach in my opinion. And certainly his rejection of the financial authority of congress and diverting funds to his pet project…the unnecessary wall, was. Oh, and let’s never forget his betrayal of the Dreamers after promising them they were save, and locking children, including infants up in cages.

But then trump habitually tells a lie when the truth might actually serve him, and definitely the American people, better. He never admits a mistake, and no item is too small for him to insist, against all evidence, that he is right. The earliest example was the size of his inaugural event, which by all credible reporting showed that it was a bit smaller than Obama’s first inaugural. All you had to do is look at pictures.

But, more importantly, what that tells us going in, is that Judge Roberts is going to have problems with trump. trump is not going to do anything other than what he has been doing so far. He will attack Democrats for doing what they are there to do, ie oversee the adherence to the Constitution and practice oversight of the executive department as part of that.

Meanwhile, after either years of “trying to make Obama a one term president” followed by blind support of the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania, we have Moscow Mitch saying that he will “coordinate with the White House” on how to conduct the trial. If, as I suspect, he means what it sounds like, he is going to obstruct and distract and refuse to call witnesses that have a possibility of telling an “inconvenient truth” about the man in the White House. Remember, he ordered people like Bolton not to testify. Why??? Other than something he didn’t want us to find out???

Now THAT is not just false news published by the rags that blindly applaud every atrocity trump tries to commit, which is bad enough, that is out and out collusion with probable criminal activity. Moscow Mitch and Lindsay Graham have already given enough information for us to know that they intend to support trump no matter what. They both need to be forced to recuse themselves or we will not likely get a fair hearing against the man who I like to call the “crook-in-chief.”

We need to lobby our representatives to push for an HONEST trial, and not let trump get away with spewing his “fake news”. Yes, HE is the source of the real fake news…not the mainstream media who are in my mind trying to report on what is really going on. The more trump has to say about the so called “fake media”, the more I believe he is in fact a stone cold crook and has something he is trying to keep us from finding.

Watch and make sure we get as close to a fair trial as possible. The House has done their due diligence, let’s hold the Senate’s feet to the fire.

66 and retired, and living my dream free, knowing that only by working with a union am I fortunate enough to be able to be where I am.